5 social media security tips to keep yourself safe on social media

People’s activity on social media is increasing day by day and more and more people are also falling victim to cybercrime. So if you are a social media user or are going to create an account for the first time, then you should be on social media There should be basic information to be safe. We are telling you the best tips to stay safe on social media, which will help you stay safe online. How to be safe on social media? – 5 social media security tips.

Social media has become a necessity of the people. Every Android mobile user will get an account on social media. There are many benefits of this, but if you are not alert then it can put you in danger. So, read and understand the security tips mentioned in this post carefully.

Here we have brought you the 5 best security tips for social media users, which will help you stay secure on your social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

How to stay safe on social media – 5 security tips

In this post we will learn about how to be safe on Facebook, secure on social media, how to protect yourself on social media.

1. Check the privacy settings carefully.

Have you ever wondered who can see what you are sharing on social media? Have you ever investigated it?

You should be aware that there may be some pictures of you that you only want to share with your friends or any other information that you do not want to share in public.

You can do both of these by going to the privacy setting. There you can make sure that who should see your shared post and who can see your phone number and email ID.

You can choose the privacy setting, only me, friends, friends of friends, and one of the public options.

2. Do not use third-party apps.

Many applications, software, websites and forms provide social media account login feature. You must have clicked on the login with Facebook button many times.

What would you have done many times and you would not even know how many software and applications you have connected to your Facebook ID.

To control third party apps, you click on the option of apps and websites in Facebook Settings. Here you will get to know all the apps and websites connected to your Facebook ID, remove the unsecured one.

3. Control your personal information.

Some people share their entire life on social media, even they do not hesitate to make public their personal information too much.

You should not do this, there is no guarantee that your data will be safe on social media, so keep your security in mind and use social media only and share it only so that you do not suffer any harm.

4. Block the fake account.

If someone bothers you on Facebook, it is better that you block it. Also report it to Facebook so that the company can take action against it.

Do not keep in touch with bad people. Most of those who misbehave with others are fake accounts. Avoiding them.

5. Report objectionable content.

Many times we get to see some such posts on Facebook which are not good for us and our society, but we ignore them. If you want, you can report such content. After reporting, the company will remove the bad content.

This will be a very good step not only for you but also for the security of other people and it will help a lot of people.

The most important thing is to make a video call, do not connect the world of social media with real life, use it in the limit and avoid sharing your personal details on it.

Never share your bank details, credit card, debit card, ATM, OTP PIN etc. information with anyone. You may have to suffer heavy losses when doing so

I hope you like this information and now you will be able to keep yourself secure on social media, thanks.

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