What is Affiliate Marketing Earnings How to Get Passive Earnings

How to generate passive earnings? What is Affiliate Marketing Earnings? How to start this business? Everything you are going to learn in this article. This would be a life-changing opportunity for you.

Earning Online and Passive earnings are like a dream. However, this is something technical but achievable. You might be thinking about the one by which you can earn even while sleeping that is ” Affiliate Marketing “. You can be a millionaire in days if you properly learned this business. How actually you can achieve this dream to be a millionaire while staying at home using your PC and by doing Affiliate Marketing.

Let’s start the journey of learning Affiliate Marketing Earnings Step by step.


Above mention, the image showing the whole story of Affiliate marketing business.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Look at the image above once again there are three persons involved in this business.

1- The Advertiser

2- The Publisher

3- The Consumer

Although there is another person involved in this business which is the 4th one. However, we’ll talk about all three major persons.

In this process of earning you will get a commission of each sale.What you need to do just pick a product of your choice of any company or person. Promote them on your behalf. When the company or a person got a buyer from your referral and sale closed. You will earn a commission. That’s called affiliate marketing.

1- Advertiser

This can be a website or a person who owns a product or paying you for selling their products by referring a client on their website. You will earn a commission on two things one for referring a buyer for visiting their website or secondly when your referred person buys their product.

2- Publisher 

The publisher is the one who promotes or publish or refer the buyer to the company or a website. When the buyer will purchase any product you will earn a commission.

3- Consumer

The consumer is called a buyer. This is the main person for whom both advertisers and publisher looking for. When the consumer will be referred by a publisher and purchase a product publisher will get the commission of the sale he made

These three parties are indirectly connected to each other.

An advertiser is nothing without a publisher.

Publisher nothing without Advertiser.

And above mention, both parties are nothing with Consumers.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

If you are a beginner then go to the famous platform of big companies or websites like.

1- Amazon

2- eBay

3- Shopify

4- Click Bank

5- Aliexpress

6- Ali baba and so on.

These are some big giants of Affiliate marketing. When you signup on their websites they will give you an affiliate link you have to promote that link when any buyer will click on that specific link and buy the product you can earn a commission.

Where I can promote this Affiliate link?

There are two methods to promote the link.

1- Promote in Whatsapp groups, in all your social media accounts.

2- Create a website and promote the link.

How to promote through Website.

1- Create a Free blog or create a custom website.

2- Select a niche or category on which you want to create a website.

3- Signup on any affiliate website as mention above.

4- Select the product related to your niche

5- Get the affiliate link

6- Display products on your Website

7- Bring traffic on your website

You are all done. When any consumer will visit your website and click on the affiliate link they will be redirected to the product website and if they buy any product you will earn a commission. This so simple. Even you will be earning while sleeping. That’s how you can make passive income and become a millionaire in days.

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