10 Things to Do Before applying for google adsense program in 2020

Are you really looking to get approved from Adsense and thinking to earn money online? then this is for you because im gonna tell you 10 Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense program in 2020.

First of all, let me tell you a few things about Adsense rejections reasons.

1- You have insufficient data on your website.

2- You have an unacceptable site content like pornography or miss guiding people.

3- Your website design is not so good and the landing page is not well enough that’s why the user never comeback.

4- You don’t have these pages on your website, Privacy policy, disclaimer, about us, contact us.

5- Don’t have quality content on your web. No source of organic traffic and bounce rate is high.

Let’s get started with the 10 Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense program in 2020.


10 Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense Account

1- Good No of post on your Blog/Website

As I mentioned you must have sufficient data on your website/Blog to get approval from Google AdSense.
Google doesn’t allow its Adsense ads on empty websites.

2- Your Age must be 18+

Some bloggers tell google that they are under 18, Google doesn’t give Adsense to immature people. Because running Google ads on your web is not a joke. Google is a brand and it has some standards.

3- Website layout/Design should be good looking.

Your website layout should be clean and you can easily display google ads on your website and your. Most users stay on your website for a while if your design looking attractive. This will be included in a good user experience.

As per stats of 2019 average user stays 8sec on any website and then bounce back. If the user is staying more time on your website then Google will definitely gonna approve your account.

Your site should be fast and user-friendly. Menus should be arranged properly,

4- What is your content type

Your site should not contain adult or pornographic material.

You can post a topic like drugs or any other illegal activities.

5- The Language barrier

Adsense supports a few languages it doesn’t offer its Adsense program in all the languages. Check out more details at the Google Adsense site.

6- Buy your own domain

Although there are many other platforms available which offer you to create a free website/blog with their subdomain. However, it is preferred to buy your own domain and get the approval quickly

7- Select a Niche

Your website should be based on one topic its called a niche. Don’t put everything on your web. Adsense can approve your web on 10 articles if your website is specific.

8- Create contact us page

If you have this page on your website then Adsense will quickly give you an approval because Adsense knows there is someone behind the website and people can interact with him.so users will stay on the website for a long time.

9- Create a privacy policy page

This page describes Google that this is an authentic and legit website because it has some standards about usage policies.
You can create this page on third party websites for free or you can write your own.

10- Content Should be High-Quality

I always advise users that work on quality not on quantity Google is hungry for quality work. When you have quality work on one niche nobody is going to reject you.

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