Auto Refresh Stay Active 24 Hour On Fiverr Amazing Trick

Are you excited to work on Fiverr? Want to get many orders? What Should you do now? It would be best if you stayed online every time. How would you Stay Active 24 Hour On Fiverr?

Well, Fiverr prefers those sellers who stay active for more than 10-15 hours and respond to buyers as quickly as they msg to the sellers. Nobody is always free to wait for buyers’ messages. What is the alternative? How can we stay online to get many orders? Use the ” Auto-refresh Pro extension “in the Google Chrome browser. It will add extra functionality to your Fiverr to automatically refresh your account at regular intervals according to the time you set.

What are the Fiverr Response time and Fiverr response rate?

What is the purpose of the Response Rate Indicator?

Using the Response Rate Indicator, sellers can respond to buyers more quickly. Creating a positive Fiverr experience will allow buyers to return to Fiverr for more orders by creating a positive experience on Fiverr. You can track your improvement over time and see how responsiveness helps grow your Fiverr business.

How do response time and response rate differ?

Response rate is the percentage of first responses to new messages that a seller sends within 24 hours. Response time is the average hours it takes for a seller to answer a new message in their Inbox.

How does the response rate work?

A percentage of the first responses sent within 24 hours during the last 60 days is tracked. For example, if you received 10 new requests in your Inbox within the last 60 days and replied to nine within 24 hours, you have a response rate of 90%. Even though you will still receive 90% of the response rate if you reply to the last message more than 24 hours after receiving it, we still recommend that sellers respond even after 24 hours.

Is every Inbox message factored into my response rate?

After that first reply, the rest of the conversation with the buyer isn’t tracked, although it is essential to continue conversations with Buyers until a conclusion is reached.

Help! I’m in the Red Zone?

It is always possible to improve your response rate over time by responding to new messages within 24 hours. If you are having trouble managing your Inbox, here are some tips:

  1. Install the app for iOS or Android to receive notifications when you receive new messages and respond efficiently anywhere.
  2. Set up Quick Responses if you feel overwhelmed by managing your inbox requests.
  3. Consider extending the delivery time on your gigs.

How frequently does the response rate reverse?

It changes every day to reflect the previous 60 days.

My buyers are in a diverse time zone. Will this affect my response rate?

Responding to buyers in different time zones can affect your response time, not your response rate. Sellers have 24 hours to respond to messages. Despite being in different time zones, you’ll still be able to respond to the message within 24 hours and not have your rate decrease.

Let’s get started to see how it works.

Auto Refresh Fiverr Stay Active 24 Hour on Fiverr

Follow the 3 easy steps and Stay Active 24 Hour On Fiverr

Step 1- Go to Google chrome and type ” Chrome web Store ” 

Chrome web store

Click the first link it will take you to the chrome store.

Step 2- Search For “Auto Refresh Pro”

Auto refresh pro

Search it, then press ” Add to Chrome.”

add extension to chrome

Add this extension to chrome, then open your Fiverr account

Step 3- Open Fiverr and Click on your GIG.


Hover over to your GIG and Click.

Stay Active 24 Hour On Fiverr

You will get this option on the right side of your GIG page. You have to set the time to click the checkbox and start.

Auto Refresh Pro

If you don’t see the timer option, look up, find it in the menu bar, and click it; it will automatically be shown on your GIG page. Now set the time whatever you think is good. I cannot suggest any time to do it because Fiverr is not silly. It can catch you sometimes, so do it at your own risk.

Set the time click the checkbox, and press start. You are all done. Now your account will Stay Active 24 Hour On Fiverr

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