Bitcoin Rainbow Chart price prediction by 2025

Bitcoin’s price could reach $100,000 by the end of  2025, as per the famous Bitcoin Rainbow chart prediction.

The famous Bitcoin Rainbow chart/graph was designed by Holger using logarithmic regression. What does it mean? Is it reliable or really worth it to follow?

Using the popular Bitcoin rainbow chart, it is predicted that Bitcoin’s price could reach $100,000 as per the prediction. If you are anxious about the latest crypto predictions about Bitcoin and other rising or gainer cryptocurrencies, you’re surely going to see this prediction once in a lifetime over the internet. In this logarithmic regression model, a rainbow represents a logarithmic line or growth curve showing how BTC may actually look like.

Bitcoin Rainbow chart

In 2014. Holger introduced this chart he himself admits, however, that the crescent was placed in a capricious manner and missing any technological basis. As a result, people start believing this chart as a reliable source to get bitcoin predictions.

How Do The Bitcoin Rainbow Chart Predictions Work?

Ongoing with the chart, Bitcoin’s price is at the great point of buying for anyone hoping to take benefit of the next jump. In this way, According to the chart, BTC could reach USD 100,000 by the end of 2025, after entering an accretion point or green band.

In one of the most positive scenarios of all, BTC could outreach USD 70k that same year, based on this model.

Bitcoin Rainbow Chart: What Do Experts Think?

Bitcoin rainbow chart lacks a technology basis, despite its vogue and peculiar accuracy, it must not be managed as a prediction measure. In spite of its popularity and unusual accuracy, Many famous crypto experts believe that model is much more accurate than the popular Stock to Flow model for Bitcoin. nonetheless, Experts say that it is yet another tool that “Fulfills users’ demand for colorful lunar forecasts”.

The actual Holger Graph missed the last blue-green colored band labeled (1BTC=1BTC), which was added after the price succinctly smashed out of range during the 2020 plunge.

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