Can we use Affiliate ads along with AdSense ads at the same Time

This is the most asking and demanding question nowadays, Can we use Affiliate ads along with AdSense ads at the Same Time? The answer is simply” yes “.

Affiliate Marketing is an online program where you referred your website user onto the publisher’s website through an affiliate link or product link. If your referred user buys anything from the publisher’s website you will earn a commission.

Adsense is owned by Google itself. Where google displays third party ads on your website.When any user clicks on the Google ad you will get paid.

Basically both are different things. However, in both the programs you can have banner ads or sidebar ads so how will you place both the ads at the same time. How should you manage your website?

Let’s get started to answer all the puzzle questions.


Honestly speaking there is no reason that you can’t keep both the ads at the same time.

Let’s make it more clear with an example of how you can use both at the same time.

Suppose if our Adsense ad unit is not performing well and fewer people clicking over the ad. Simple replace ad unit with an affiliate link of the product. When you start getting more sales replace Adsense ads one by one that’s how you can manage both.

When an affiliate is not working well do it the same with the affiliate links. Replace with AdSense.

Google officially announced its ads policy

It says there is no problem to keep both ads program at the same time. However if your original content is less than the ads your account will be in danger, so put more content than ads.

Google ads policy

This is the original ad policy of Google to read it carefully.

The best way to paste affiliate ads is a text link with amazon URL between content. Its really increases your sale.

The best way to paste the AdSense ad unit is the banner ads. You can get many clicks if you paste it right after the title.

Follow these best practices so you won’t get ban by Google.

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