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Profile and Page cover with tagline plays a vital role in showing your presence on Social media. It’s like an identity on social media no matter you are making a cover photo for your profile or business page. It should be stunning. How to Create a Facebook Cover photo For Free?

Facebook is the largest online social media platform. All types of People using facebook for multiple purposes. For example, Promoting personal profiles promoting business brands, etc. The Facebook cover photo describes the whole story of your account either you are a  professional person or a Student or etc.

In this article, Your will learn step by step how to Create Facebook Cover photo For Free


There are many websites over the internet providing this feature to make a stunning facebook cover photo. However, Canva is my favorite website to do this type of stuff. Let’s get started.

Step 1- Open Your browser type Canva and click the first line.

Create Facebook Cover photo

Step 2- Select the Facebook cover option.

Create Facebook Cover photo

Step 3- Click it and open it. You will see a blank page.

Blank page of canva

This is the blank page of Canva with lots of editing and pre-made templates at the left select anyone it will be automatically shown over a blank page.

Edit canva image

See this is our pre-made template and we have a lot of options some are paid but free options are enough for us.

Step 4- Write down your own text change the dummy text.

add your text on canva

See above we have entered our text and replaced the dummy text. You can also change the font style.we have text option on the left side.

We can change the background color of this image as well.

change background color

Click the option above you will have many color-changing options. After editing text changing color simply save it and post on your profile.

download canva image

Simply download the image. You would have different file format options choose JPG or PNG.

Simply upload to your facebook you are all done.

You can sell this service on Fiverr as well.

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