eBay Affiliate Program For Beginners Step by Step Guide


Did you know that eBay is the 10th largest online revenue collecting e-commerce website? Its also sharing revenue with its affiliate partners. How you can join the eBay Affiliate Program? Learn more.


eBay Affiliate Program

Just like an amazon, ShareASale and other online e-commerce giants,eBay is also offering its affiliate program where bloggers and freelancers can earn with the eBay Affiliate Program.it was founded in 2011 with its operation in 30 countries.as of now it’s working more than 150 countries.eBay affiliate program is similar to amazon. So if you have red our previous article on how to earn with amazon you will get an idea of how it works.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to join the eBay Affiliate Program For Beginners Step by Step Guide.

eBay Affiliate Program

Creating an eBay affiliate account is very simple to follow the few basic steps and you are done with it.

Open your web browser type ” eBay partners

eBay Affiliate Program

Click the first link it will take you to the main website.

eBay Affiliate Program

this is the home page of the partner’s program of eBay click ” Signup ” and start creating your affiliate account.

sign up ebay affiliate partner

Click above and create a new account.

Fill the ebay form

Type your name email password and press enter > Create an account.

make money with ebay

Select your country and click ” Join Now


When you click ” Join now ” possibly you get two messages these are confirmation messages either your account has been created or not been accepted by eBay.

If you got this message as mention in the above image it simply means that eBay payment mode is not working in your country. have look below

ebay payment method

As mentioned above eBay clearly telling you that PayPal is not working in your country and you won’t get your payments so we cannot accept your request to join eBay.

However, you can still use the eBay affiliate account by creating a Paypal account if any of your family friends or relatives are living abroad where paypal is working. You can ask them to create one account for you and by using a proxy server you can create an affiliate account as well. you can do anything over internet everything is possible, no rocket science involved.

Anyways, best of luck. We are all done with creating an eBay affiliate account.

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