Essential Youtube Video Settings For Beginners Step by Step

Are you a beginner and just created a Youtube channel then this is for you. Youtube channel requires some essential Youtube video settings/ Channel settings to work effectively. What are those settings & How to make it correct to work efficiently?

Being a Youtuber Creating a video and using good thumbnail is not that enough at all. You need to do extra work. You should be extra smart to work according to trends. Sometimes you trying to work hard but things not working in your favor why?

The answer is the settings. Many Youtuber who have been working for a long on Youtube time but sometimes they do the same mistake as the beginners do, they don’t often look up the settings. Settings playing a vital role in your Youtube channel and video.

It must be correct if you want to get your videos viral and reach to the maximum people.

In this article, I’ll guide you about some Essential Youtube Video Settings For Beginners Step by Step.


Let’s Get started.

Open your browser type youtube and go to the Homepage of Youtube. Must log in from your Gmail account.

 Youtube Video Settings

When you are login and coming onto this page you will get an image icon at the top right-hand corner > Click over there

Now click > my channel

 Youtube Video Settings

Click customize channel

 Youtube Video Settings

Click the gear icon

 Youtube Video Settings

This is the most important section in your settings. As you can see in the above image there are plenty of options you can manage these options according to your priorities.

First of all, we have Like option if want to hide your videos likes stats you can turn it off then users will not be able to see how many likes you have got on your video. In the same way, you can hide your subscribers and playlist.

You can hide or unhide your comments/discussion section as well.

Now move onto the other essential settings.

change your language in youtube

Select your language most people use English, so choose English here and select your original country where you are living right now.

Restricted mode off.

Now move on to the other settings.

Go back to your home page again and click settings

Youtube settings

Click settings

View additional features

Click view additional features it will show you some important settings.

verify mobile number on youtube

Verify your mobile number here it is a very important step after putting your number here verified message will be shown here. Left all the other option you will have underneath.

country and mobile number

Verify your number via text or phone call. After doing this you will be done with your settings.

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