Google Adsense Ban Checker

Do you own any websites and earn with Adsense? Read this because this is for you. Google Adsense ban checker is a free tool that allows you to check the status of your current website. Using this tool, you can check whether your Adsense is active or disabled. You can also check your website’s search engine visibility because you won’t even realize when Google removes your website from its search engine due to spamming.

Why is Google Account Disabled? What are the solutions?

Many people ask me a question about my Google Adsense account is disabled. What are the reasons for the google Adsense account being disabled?

Fraudulent Clicks / Invalid clicking

Google effortlessly catches invalid clicks. Publishers have thought that reaching friends and family can keep themselves in the clear by having them search for their site, find, and click on their ads, but this is a huge gamble that is not worth the tiniest rewards. Some have tried to hide their traffic or use robotic software to click on their sites, which is inappropriate and considered invalid activity.

Artificial Traffic

Publishers buy loads of unlawful traffic from suspicious sources, such as those earned through traffic shares, social media, etc. This type of traffic will infrequently be interested in the particular topic, but they get in clicks that cost the advertiser money. Inadvertently, this is damaging to advertisers since they’re paying money for low-converting leads. Bloggers and site owners prefer to stick to search engine optimization (SEO) for a more secure practice.

Old Restricted Account / Banned Account

When publishers have been banned in the past, they occasionally try to set up another account by altering their name, utilizing their friends’ contact details, etc. Rather than signing up yourself again, consider the possibilities we provide below. Google is an expert at noticing this and will shut you down when detected.

How do you Recover an Adsense account?

You can file an appeal here and wait for a few weeks for google to respond to you; many bloggers appealed and successfully got their accounts back.

You can also legitimate your business by setting up corporations or LLCs to diversify your earnings this is also a safe and good practice to avoid your google account being banned or disabled accounts issues.

Google Adsense ban checker Tool

This free tool is available on

Let’s start to check our website status, is this ban or not banned?

First of all, open your web browser and type ” Google Adsense Ban Checker

Google Adsense Ban Checker

Click the link we have mentioned.

adsense checker

This is the main page of a sense checker. Now scroll down.

type your website and check spamming

Type your web URL in the search bar and press enter. We have already done this step, and it is clearly shown that our website is not banned by the Google search engine nor banned or disabled by Adsense.

Being a website owner, regularly checks your website spam score through any paid tool like Semrush, Moz, or Ahref. These are some excellent paid tools.

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