How Can i Rank my Website on first Page of Google

Do you have a stunning website? but don’t know how to rank it on Google. You probably asked this question many times from your own self where im wrong why my website is not coming no# one. Moreover, how Can I Rank my Website on First Page of Google? Here we have an answer to all your confusing questions, keep reading.

Google ranks websites on the basis of Crawling data which crawls by its crawlers. When crawlers enter on your website they notice many things on your website. These crawlers audit your website internally and externally, on the basis of these internal and external elements Google ranks your content on the first page? You will get to know exactly what are things that resist your website to be rank no# 1.


Follow these things and rank No#1 on Google.

1- Work on One niche

2- Do the best keyword research

3- Do proper SEO and optimize your focus keywords

4- Reply all the queries of your subscribers over all the platforms where you have created your accounts.

5- Read the strategy of your competitor

Work on One niche

Google usually like such websites created on one niche. If you are working on one niche, Google will definitely prioritize your website as compared to a general website that keeps everything on their websites.

Let me tell about the difference between a niche base website and general websites.

Niche base website is created on one specific thing or category. For example, sports it’s a proper niche.

if you choose sports and technology plus travel plus entertainment so this will a general website. And google doesn’t like much these kinda websites.

Mostly, people choose a general niche because of Adsense ads.

There was a time when Google Adsense was really easy to approve but not anymore. It accepts your website for Google ads after deep analysis one niche is one of them. People create websites for earning from Google. However, they neglect to the niche base website. Most people choose general websites because the content is easy to find out, but what is the disadvantage of choosing general niche, Google won’t accept your website for Adsense ads without any reason and your hard work will be wasted or you might start building another website for google ads. So choosing one niche is really important

Do the best keyword research

The second most important thing to rank your website is keyword research, without keyword research you are nowhere.
Tim to time search engine modify its algorithm. Google’s current algorithm is working on keywords. Google crawlers do pick up keywords and index your keywords on the Google Search engine. Learn more about the keyword research click here.

Do proper SEO and optimize your focus keywords

Do the proper on-page and off-page SEO.without doing this you won’t be able to rank anything.SEO increases the visibility of your website in search engines and it increases the visitors of your websites so you can get an idea of how important is this. On-page SEO is all about managing your content and off-page SEO is all out link building. Learn more about SEO click here.

Note: Use only white hat method for optimizing your content don’t use black hat and gray hat method for SEO, because black hat methods increase your search engine visibility so fast as compared to white hat methods.

You can say that the black hat method is illegal and the white hat method is legal and the gray hat method is a combination of legal and illegal techniques.

Do Comment back to your users

Stay connected with your website users. Reply to their queries in the comment section. Increase your social media visibility post feeds and replies to the visitors there answer about their asking question. Find out different methods to engage visitors.

Read the strategy of your competitor

Find out the websites of the same niche which have good domain authority. Audit the selected website look for their ranked keywords looks for their referring domains.try to pick the keywords unique keyword to follow the same strategy. Fill up the flaws they made on their website and rank above than that website

There were few strategies which makes your search engine visibility higher.

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