How Much Does YouTube Pay For Videos

Did you know that you are not getting paid only for your video views? Yes, it is true.! You are getting paid out for 4 different things on youtube? What are those things? how much does youtube pay for videos? Learn more.

Youtube paying you for 4 different things.

1- CPC

2- CTR

3- RPM

4- Page Views and page impressions

In this short article, we’ll possibly cover every aspect of Youtube earnings. How much does youtube pay for videos?


What are page impressions

Youtube pays you for page impressions. Now, what are page impressions?

When a user starts playing your video suddenly ads appear over your video. Suppose if a single user or multiple users have watched your video 100 times and ads displays on 50 times it means you have a 50-page impression.

What does it mean You won’t get ads to appear every time on your video. That’s how Youtube count impressions and you got paid out.

CPC- Cost Per Click

This CPC thing really boosts up your earnings. This is another big reason for your youtube earnings if you say that this is your actual earnings on youtube this would not be wrong. Let me clear to you why?

When you select the keyword for your video, this keyword decides your earnings. Let me tell you why the keyword is important.

Suppose if you are searching for shoes online what you will type ” New design shoes for winters ” this would be your query I just wrote roughly ” Here we have a specific keyword that is ” shoes ” Now youtube will decide how much youtube sets the rate of this keyword. It can be 0.01 or it can be 10$ its depend on youtube what rate youtube has been decided.

When a user will search this keyword and come onto your video and plays you will get paid for 1 click as per CPC, That’s why we called it as CPC ” Cost Per Click

You will get a high CPC rate if you are getting clicks from Canada USA hong kong and other foreign countries.

CTR-Click Through rate

When a user starts watching your video suddenly ads displays when you click on these ads you will get paid out according to the ratio of click. But you are not allowed to click ads on your own video you will get banned by Youtube.

There are two types of CTR.

1- Page CTR

2- Impression CTR

You’ll get paid out for both these above mention things.

RPM-Revenue per mile

This is the thing which is very common getting paid out on 1000 views. Everyone knows that you get earning on views. This is what youtube is famous for.

There are two types of RPM.

1- Page RPM

2- Impression RPM

1- Page RPM

Suppose if the rate of 1000 page rpm is ” 1$ ” as per decided by youtube. So when you get 1000 page RPM you will get 1$

2- Impression RPM

If you get 1000 impression RPM on your video and youtube has decided its rate as 2$ so you will get 2$ for every 1000 impressions RPM.

How to calculate Youtube Earnings

If you are a beginner and confused that how to calculate youtube earnings then we also have a free tool by using this tool you can easily calculate your earnings.

First of all, open your browser and type

Click this link it will take you to the main website

Youtube earnings calculator

In this above mention image, you can see that we have zero page views at the left-hand side and CPM is also zero.

Now look at the right side daily, monthly and yearly income is also zero.

Now roughly set the daily video views and CPC rate and find out what your earning will be.


Have a look at the above mention image. Suppose if we are getting 100 video views with 0.20 CPC rate.

Now, look at your daily earnings monthly and yearly earnings. It has changed. You are now earning 0.40 per day and 12$ per month and 144$/year respectively.

This is an automatic way of calculating Youtube earnings.

We are all done with youtube earning details.

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