How to Add a Watermark On Fiverr Projects

If you are working on Fiverr or any other platform as a freelancer then you must be careful before becoming a victim of any buyer what is that means?

In simple words Fiverr is more user-friendly if you are a buyer as compared to a seller. When you complete a project you suppose to show the work to a buyer who assigns you a project, Sometimes it’s not up to the mark so you have to give him/her a revision as mentioned in your GIG. However, sometimes he/she received your work and clon your work and they will ask you to do it again for them after correcting the existing task or project you suppose to submit again but again they didn’t like it at all and request Fiverr to refund their amount which they have submitted before assigning you a project.

This is so clever by the buyer. How to avoid these mishaps of buyers? The answer is simply to add a watermark before submitting the project. When they accepted it remove the watermark and submit.

we will guide you on how to Add a Watermark On Fiverr Projects.


Your project could be an image-based or video baed, so what you have to do just to put watermark no matter either its image-based or video-based.

Let’s assume we have a project and its image-based how we will add a watermark on the image.

How to Add a Watermark On Fiverr Projects

Search Watermarquee website on Google when you find this click over this it will take you to the main website.

watermarquee upload an image

Upload your image and start editing.

uploaded image on watermarquee

This is the image we have uploaded.

add a water mark with watermarquee

Add a logo or text as a watermark you have got options on the left side. then save this.

save image with watermark

Next, if you want to add a watermark on Video then open this site and repeat the same process.

kapwing add a video watermark

Click get started upload your video file add a watermark and submit to the client.

You are all done.

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