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Do really wish to add plugins in your website !! and you don’t know how to add plugins in WordPress website? Here we have everything to were looking for.

Designing a website without a plugin is simply impossible. Plugins are an essential part of a website different developers made these plugins and put them together on WordPress plugins section. Sometimes it’s free but sometimes not. Plugins add more customization options in your WordPress website and it increases your good user experience and definitely, these plugins are the key elements of your website.

In this article, you are going to learn how to add plugins in WordPress step by step. Moreover, the best plugins of WordPress.


Some of the Best and free plugins of WordPress

Let’s get started how to add plugins in WordPress.

Step 1- Login to your WordPress admin panel. make sure you are admin. then you will find the option > add new plugins on the left-hand side.


when you will click Add New plugin and shown in the image it will take you to the plugins sections where you can add new plugin.

Step 2- Click add new and you will see the search option now search the plugin you wish to install as mention in the image below.


Type your plugin name as mention above then you will get your desired plugin.

Step 3- Let’s start adding one plugin for an example for making a better understanding. suppose im installing contact form 7 plugin.
Remember: This plugin is used to make a contact form for your website to communicate personally with the owner to the user


We have finally searched our desire plugin now the next step is to install this plug click on the button simply it will be installed automatically.

Step 4- Activate the plugin.

click and activate

Simply click and activate the plugin. and this plugin will be shown in your plugin section you can make any change from settings if you wish too.

plugin sectionThis is your plugin section where you can see your installed plugins. Congratulations on following the same method you have installed your plugin.

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