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Are you really got feed up of watching ads on Youtube? You should be because it’s so annoying. Do you know that you can block these ads on Youtube? How will you do that? How to Block Ads on Youtube?

You can simply use a chrome extension called ” Adblock for Youtube ” this extension enables you to block all kinds of youtube ads whether its video ads or outside video ads like banner ads, sidebars ads. The good thing is it’s totally free and anytime you can block or unblock ads on Youtube.

Let’s get started on how to block ads on Youtube.


First of all, Open your chrome browser and type chrome web store.


Click the first link. It will take you to the homepage of the chrome web store.

How to Block Ads on Youtube

Type Ads blocker in the search bar > This Adblock for youtube extension will be shown which you can see at the right side of the image. > install it.

Adblock for youtube

See we have successfully installed. Now go to youtube.

Youtube ads

Here we have two types of ads video ads and sidebar ads. We want to remove these ads. Activate your extension to do so.

activate adblocker for youtube

Hover over and activate adblocking.

ads blocker for youtube

See we have activated this extension. Now check out either its working or not working.

adblocker for youtube

You can see how we have successfully blocked both the ads with the help of an adblocker. Sidebar and video both types of ads are disappeared. we have successfully done it.

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