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Have you got annoyed watching sponsored ads on Facebook? Why you wouldn’t be? This is serious when it comes to appearing again and again. How To Block Sponsored Ads On Facebook? Learn more.

Sponsored ads are paid ads and facebook shows these ads to the target audience. These are suggested ads facebook thought you might be interested in these ads because of your last few searches which might be similar to these ads.
Facebook provides you an option to promote your product in your desired audience and these ads are a part of a paid campaign.

In this article, I’ll let you know How To Block Sponsored Ads On Facebook.


When you go to the landing page of your facebook and suddenly ad appears, let’s see how it looks like.

How To Block Sponsored Ads On Facebook

This is the homepage of our facebook and you can see that we have sponsored ads appearing on our Newsfeed. Suppose if we never want to see this type of ads again, so what we’ll do to block these ads.

We’ll Simply install Facebook Ads Blocker from chrome store. This is basically an extension that controls the sponsored ads and these ads will no longer available on our newsfeed section.

Block Sponsored Ads Step by Step:-

Google to your chrome browser and type ” Chrome web store ” then go the chrome website.

Social network adblocker

Click social network adblocker and ” Add to Chrome ” this extension.

add extension to chrome

Add this extension to chrome.

Block sponsored ads

Hover over and click ” Now go to facebook

Login to your Facebook account and click the extension.

Turn on the adblocker

Look at the right side of the menu of our extension. You can block multiple ads here. Like highlighted ads, Block sponsored ads, stories, etc.

If you want to see these ads in the future then you turn it off.

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