How to Change Youtube Email Id and Add New manager

Do you know that you can add more than one owner on your youtube channel? Even you can Change Youtube Email Id if you want to? How will you do that? How to make it possible, Learn more.

If you are away and busy in your schedule and thinking to delete or Hide youtube channel then don’t do this because you have got an option now. You can add a new owner who will have the same access or authorities which you have. He can manage your content on youtube. If you don’t want to give him a full access then you can set his role as a manager or communication manager.

Remember you have 3 options add him as an owner with full access even he can remove yourself or add them as a manager it has low access or add them as communication manager, both these persons won’t be able to remove yourself or remove each other.

Even you can also change your email id as well. If you are not using your existing email id.

In this article,we’ll see how to Change Youtube Email Id and Add New manager.


First of all, log in to your Gmail id and then open your youtube.

Scroll down your Youtube home page and look for the settings option on the left side.

Change Youtube Email

Click settings it will take you to the main page.

Change Youtube Email

Click ” Add or remove manager

Change Youtube Email

Click ” manage permissions

add a manager on youtubesee we already have one owner which is called the primary owner and have a look at the top right corner we have an icon option click over there.

add email id and owner role

Important step- This is a very important step, here you can add a new email id if you are not using your old email id which is also called as your primary email id or owner. You can keep both ids at a time or you can add a new one and remove the old one its up to you.

manage youtube manager role

After putting your email id select the role, remember if you are changing this email id for your own self then select role as the owner but if you are adding an extra person who can manage your channel in your absence then select manager or communication manager.

Let’s say that you are adding your self as an owner and putting a new email id instead of adding an extra person.

how to add youtube manager

See we have added a new email id and selected a role. Now an invitation will be sent to the newly added email address. All we need to do is to accept the invitation and everything will be done.

how to add youtube manager

Once you have added another email and invitation confirmed you can come back and remove the old email id from here.

Adding an email id simply means you are adding more than one person it can be yourself as well.

So it was a complete procedure of How to Change Youtube Email Id and Add New manager.

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