How To Check Backlinks To Your Site & Use The Google Disavow Tool

Did you ever notice that your website is not coming on top of google why? The logic is very simple,you are not doing good SEO of your website. There are several reasons for bad SEO, but here I would talk about the incoming links ( backlinks ) which someone becomes a reason for bad SEO if these links coming from irrelevant websites. How To Check Backlinks To Your Site & Use The Google Disavow Tool for ignoring these links?

Backlinks are one of the factors which affect your website ranking. For example, you are running a fashion website and you getting links from the news website as well as from the technology base websites, then Google will give you link base penalty and discourage your website to come up on top.

In this article, we will guide you on how to get rid of this backlinking problem.


First of all, look at all your backlinks of your website, How will you do that. There are many websites that allow you to see your backlinks for free but these websites will show some 20-30 backlinks that are not enough then what next.

You have to buy their premium package nothing is free so far over the internet. If you can afford their packages then I will suggest a few good websites.

1- Ahref

2- Moz

3- Majestic

4- Semrush

These are premium tools to check your website backlinks. I personally use a majestic tool to check backlinks.

Go to Google and type it will take you to the main website.

How To Check Backlinks To Your Site & Use The Google Disavow Tool

After having this page signup for a new account then login.


You will get a search bar type your website URL then press enter it will show some more options. For example, we have a type of facebook URL to make you understand.

check backlinks with majestic tool

As you can see above we have got plenty of options we can check anchor text pages etc. However, we just have to check backlinks so click on backlinks.

backlinks list

These are our site stats of backlinks. To see these backlinks of your website you have to buy the premium packages of this majestic website. What next after getting premium membership.

When you will buy the package you have got the full access to see where these backlinks are coming from and what kind of websites giving you backlinks.After getting full access check each and every link if you think this link is irrelevant then what next.

Remember: If you are getting SEO service from any service provide tell them don’t use black hat technique over your website because these service providers don’t care about your website they just need to show your content on the first page of Google and then get paid. It’s better you should learn SEO yourself.

If you found any link that’s not relevant to your website then simply tell you that discourage this link for Search engine visibility then Google will not give your website any kind of penalty. How will you do that?

Well for doing this we have a Google tool called ” Google disavow ” This is a free Google tool and a part of the Google webster tool or search console tool.

This tool allows us to submit irrelevant back and then Google will ignore these links for indexing. That’s pretty cool feature of Google search console. How can we use this?

Google Disavow

Go to Google browser type Google disavow.

Google disavow

Click on the first link then it will take you to the Google console web page. You have to log in on your console account first.

After clicking this click it will show a disavow page.

Google disavow page

You will get this page then submit your website link. You will show you the above message ignore that message and continue.

Type your website> Press Disavow then Google will ask you to paste that link which you want to disavow.

Paste those links one by one and submit to Google. You are all done. Now your site is safe. Congratulations.

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