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Did you run any website analysis ever? Or have you checked your website’s Seo score? If you have not done these things yet, then don’t worry we will guide you on How to check Seo of website.

If you are managing any website, then you must regularly audit your website. Check internal-external links check errors in your website, and most importantly, keep an eye on your competitor’s websites.

Being a website owner, your goal should be clear; what is that goal? The goal is to rank your website on the first page of Google. To achieve this, you need to do SEO and improve your SEO score, and you have to audit your website to make it better and better from time to time.

In this article, you will learn about a few free tools to audit your website and how to check the Seo of your website.


Advantages to auditing your website

1- You can make your SEO better.

2- You can check errors in your website

3- You can make competitors’ Analysis

4- You can improve your visibility in search engines

5- You can check your internal-external links and so on.

There are many premium tools available on the internet which work way better than the free ones.
1- Moz
2- Ahref
3- Alexa
4- Semrush

These are some wonderful premium tools. If you can buy these tools go for them. However, we also have some free websites that work fine but not deep analysis.

SEO Site Checkup (

How to check Seo of website

This is our first free tool. First of all, when you enter your website link here, this tool will tell you about the website’s overall SEO score as you scroll down this website. It will tell you about your page errors, images alt tag, meta description, tile length and much more that would be enough for you to improve your website performance. However, this website provides you with auto-fix website errors after buying their premium subscription.

LXR Market Place ( )

How to check Seo of website

This is another great free tool to improve your website; this tool is way better than the ” seositechekup “.

When you enter your website in this tool, it will show you more attractive options, as shown in the image below.

How to check Seo of website

You will get more options like this. You can check your webpage analysis, or you can check inbound links, image compressor tools and much more these things will really improve your overall site SEO.

Besides these tools, if you want to do competitor analysis of your competitor’s website and want to keep an eye on all their post and different competitors’ websites, then we will tell you about a wonderful tool which is free and owned by

How you can use that free tool, keep reading.

First, go to Google, type Google web store, and click on the first link.

Google web store


Now search for Mozbar; this is an extension provided by


Install this extension and then activate this extension by creating an account on

After installation and creating an account on Moz, things will be changed when you go back to Google. You will see a Moz toolbar under every link. This tool will really amaze you. Have a look.

Google results with mozbar

As you can see above, we can now see the website links, web page authority, web domain authority, and much more.

To clarify, start opening any website and see how it works.

Moz toolbar

We have to open a random website to make you understand. Now how will you check the page status of your competitor? Just click at the top of the search bar. It will take you to the analysis page.

Moz anaylzing competitor website

Have this tool start working for us. It tells us about the specific page URL and its page title and tells us this website doesn’t put meta descriptions, etc. Scroll down and read and analyze more and explore more options.

That’s how it works. It’s really wonderful tool. So following the same process, you can analyze your website and improve your website SEO score.

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