How to Check Website Spam Score How its dangerous for SEO

Have you ever checked your website spam Score? If you did it then skip it, if you didn’t then it’s really important for you to know how to Check Website Spam Score how it’s dangerous for SEO of your Website.

Do you know that running a website it’s not a piece of cake. Maintaining a website is really important if you don’t do this then your website ranking will be affected and come down. So you have to check it at regular intervals from time to time. If you are not regularly checking your website stats then your competitors will be doing this for you in terms of spamming and you will get to know when Google will penalize your website or Google can delete it from search engine. Yes !! Google can do this.

We’ll guide you step by step How to Check Website Spam Score How its dangerous for SEO.


Google’s Policies about spam score

Google says that your website spam score should be under 7% out of 100%. If your web Spam score increases than 7% Google will penalize your website through removing Adsense ads from your website and Google will discourage your website for indexing in the future, that’s really bad in terms of SEO.

SEO is all about getting incoming links from relevant websites,we referred to call it as ” Referring Domains ” These referring domains should match your website niche otherwise Google will consider it as spam. So basically you have to avoid spam links that are really important in terms of SEO. SEO will only be effective when you Maintain your spam score under 7%.

Suppose, If you got any link that you think it’s not relevant to your website or your competitor posted that link to harm your website then simply copy that link and go to Google disavow tool and inform Google to discourage this link for indexing. that’s the only way to avoid unnecessary penalties. Learn more about Google disavow Click here

How to Check Spam Score.

First of all, go to your browser and type Moz open site explorer.

How to Check Website Spam Score


Click on the 3rd link it will take you to the Moz Site explorer page make sure you must be logged in to

How to Check Website Spam Score

After coming onto this page you see the search bar just type your website URL here . Suppose if you want to know about the spam score of facebook then type here

Moz open site explorer

After entering you can see that Moz has shown you complete site analysis this the proper way you can audit your website at regular intervals and of your competitor as well.

Now have a look on the left side you can see there are many options but here we are just going to check the spam score of facebook.

facebook spam score

As you can see above Moz is telling us facebook spam score is 1% thats brilliant facebook have millions of backlinks that are coming from similar websites, So you can also get million of backlinks from relevant websites it’s not that difficult at all.

If your Spam Score is more than 7% then find out irrelevant links and submit them on Google disavow and avoid penalties.

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