How to Completely Uninstall & Remove Program on windows

Are you using a desktop system or a laptop and its running slowly why? There are several reasons to make this happen. What are those reasons?

Some times you install any virus-infected software from third party websites that enter multiple virus files and folder in your system that cause your system to slow down. You cannot scan these files from any antivirus software unless you delete it from your system. Even you cannot see these files or hidden folder if you are not an expert.

Uninstalling any recently downloaded software does work sometimes but it doesn’t work every time because when you uninstall these Software, these Software left some hidden files in your system thats really damage your system.

In this article, we will guide you on how to Completely Uninstall & Remove Program on windows.


There are two methods to remove any software from your system. One is a traditional one like go to all programs then default program and uninstall the software. The second one is a CMD one in which you go to the registry files of your system and then delete the hidden files of software which completely remove any software from your system.

Let’s Get started with both methods.

First of Click on windows at the bottom left.

How to Completely Uninstall & Remove Program on windows

Click windows > All programs > Default programs > program and features

How to Completely Uninstall & Remove Program on windows

When you click this all the downloaded software of your pc will be shown to you then select and uninstall the desired one you want to uninstall.

How to Completely Uninstall & Remove Program on windows

As you can see above we have chosen this software for uninstalling just to make you guys understand how it works. This is a traditional method to remove any software.

Right-click > Uninstall, this will be gone. but it leaves many hidden files in your system which can damage your system if its dangerous or virus-infected files.

uninstall software

Using a new method to delete hidden files.

Again go to windows at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Windows > search program files >type ” RUN ” in search box.

You will get this page.


Type ” Regedit ” typing this will take you to the window registry files page.

Window registry files

Click Hkey local machines > Softwares

Hkey local machines > softwares

When you click software it will show you all the currently running software as well as uninstalled software.

As I have already shown we have successfully uninstalled ” yodot ” software but I will show it enters hidden files in my system which can be dangerous, so we have to delete it properly.

delete hidden files

This is our culprit resting in ” Softwares ” simply right click and delete for a lifetime. Now your system is cleaned.

That’s how you can delete any hidden files or software from your system.

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