How to create a gig on fiverr in two easy steps- part 1

Did you just sign up on Fiverr and you don’t know how to use Fiverr and what does gig means? How to create a gig on Fiverr? How to start a career as a freelancer on Fiverr.

GIG is simply a skill that you have, in other words creating a gig means you are going to create your portfolio. For example, How many skills you have, how many years of experience you have means how many projects you have completed, how much will you charge for one specific project, How long will you take to complete one specific project? These all things will be added when you start creating your first GIG.

You can add 7 skills or gigs in your free account. However, Fiveer is offering premium packages as well in which you can add more than 7 gigs.

One gig is enough in the beginning but if you are not getting orders from buyers then create another one. For example, you have created a gig like “I will do create a WordPress website for you” this is your gig title, but if you are not getting orders from this GIG then make another one, “I will do photo editing for you ” these are your two gigs. Suppose if you have created 7 gigs and you are not getting orders then you can delete all the gigs and you can start creating new gigs.

In this article, I will guide you on how to create a gig on Fiverr step by step.


Before creating a GIG remember one thing don’t copy someone else GIG. Create your own GIG.

we have divided this topic into two parts in the first part we will complete our Fiverr profile its mandatory for creating your first GIG but after creating your first GIG you won’t need to put your profile details again and again except your GIG details.

Let’s get started.

Go to the home page and look at the bottom left you will see an option ” Create a GIG

create a gig on fiverr

Click > Create a New GIG.

create a gig on fiverr

then you will see this page you don’t need to do with this page simply click to continue.

create a gig on fiverr

again click to continue.

create a gig on fiverr

again click to continue.

create a fiverr profile

As I mentioned in the previous lecture use the headshot image in your profile picture. Put your picture and full name and scroll down to explore more options.

description of fiverr

Write a brief description of what skills you have and did you complete any project anywhere.

then choose your language English. then press continue and move on.

fiverr skills

Add your profession what your area of working or interest. For example, im a digital marketer I will choose an occupation of digital marketing and my skill will be SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, etc. You can type your own.

skip fiverr certificate

Add your education and skip certificate. Scroll down and continue.

link your fiverr with gmail

Add your social profiles I preferred to connect with Gmail.

verify fiverr email id and phone no

Now verify the phone number and email id.

As you can see on top we have completed our whole profile including.

Personal info.

Professional info.

linked account.

Account security.

We have successfully created the first part of our Fiverr GIG.

Click here and continue to create your first GIG. Part 2

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