How to create a New Post in WordPress step by step guide

Are you thinking to create a new post in WordPress?, How to get started? Confused..! Normally it happens especially when you are a new user of WordPress. Don’t worry folks in this article you are going to learn how to create a New Post in WordPress step by step guide.

Let’s get started…!

1- you need to log in your site wp-admin panel locate the Posts menu in the left-hand side of the WordPress Dashboard. click over the Posts link or click to expand it to reveal the submenu.

Add New Posts page can also be found from the<+> New link in the WordPress Admin Bar, you can also Click the Add New link.

2-Now you’ll see the Add New Post page where you can create your first post.

In the first box, you’ll want to enter the title of your post.

Next is Post formatting section or post editor. This is the section where you will actually type the content of your post.

3-Now you look on the right side of the box, you’ll see two tabs. Two modes of editing posts: Text & Visual.

Visual tab will bring up the visual <WYSIWYG> editor. it just means “what you see is what you get.” Here you’ll see a formatting toolbar with lots of options for formatting your posts. If you have already used Microsoft Word or any other similar word processing software, then these icons must be familiar to you.

If you wish to click on the Text tab, this tab will reveal a plain-text HTML version of the post editor. Basically, this version of the post editor is for editing the HTML code of your post. Most users used the Visual editor is the easiest way to write posts.

Wel at top of the right column on this screen, you will see the <Publish box>.you can save your post as a draft here if you would like to save it for later. If you click the Preview button, you will get a preview of how your post will look once it’s published.

Your post status will be shown if the post has been published, saved the post as a draft if it’s pending review of if it’s been scheduled.

Next two links will show the visibility of the post > or what visitors will be able to see your post. The Publish message will be shown even if the post will be published immediately or at a later date.

The next section is for <categories> and <tags> assigned to your post. we will talk about these in next articles.

If you want to change the screen options for your post editor, you just have to click the screen options tab in the upper right-hand corner. Explore all the given options that can be displayed on the post editor screen.

Now Hover over again on the post editor and you can drag or drop the order of these boxes to customize how we want them arranged on the page.


Follow the same procedure on how to post from starting to ending step by step guide in image form.




post title


content area


add media files


publish options




scheduled post






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