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Do you really want to know how to create categories and tags in WordPress? if yes ! then you are on the right platform we will tell how you can use categories and tags in your new post in WordPress and how this is important.

Categories and tags are two different things. and we often use these options in a different post of WordPress.
Categories represent the subject of the post. For example, we have a News website and in this section, we want to put different types of news like politics, fashion, sports so on, so these are our main categories and suppose if we have multiple news in the same category like sports events in NewYork, event in Pakistan so we will make a sub-category like this is our category >Sports >sports event in NewYork  . This how it works,

Now coming onto the tags. Tags are essential in the post because it decides your visibility in the search engines so you can put whatever the tag you like let me clear you with an example. Suppose you are writing an article on WordPress and you want that let people know about your article so might can put ” information about WordPress ” ” WordPress Tips
You can say that these are your tags.

in this article, we will guide you step by step how to create categories and tags in WordPress, keep reading.


Step 1– Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.>Post

Log into WordPress


Log in and click to the post section as you can see above..

Step 2-Now click on post > categories

create categories and tags in WordPress

as you see the page above category option are there in the left when you click on categories it will take to you the category main page where you can create as many categories as you want..

Step 3– Type your category name leave slug and description section. and left the parent category as well this option used for subcategories.

create categories and tags in WordPress

write the name of the category and click Add New category option at the bottom of the page. your category will be created.

create categories and tags in WordPress

Step 4– If you want to create a sub-category the see the image below how to make it possible.

Sub category

When you write GETLearners as your category name and press Add New Category it will be saved automatically you can see your self made created categories in the highlighted section. and when you will create subcategory it will show underneath it.

Step 5– Create a sub category see below

Sub category

Suppose we want to create a subcategory and we want to show this category under the main category section.
First, write the name suppose article>leave slug>select parent category>GETLearners>Add New category..
Remember: you can make any name for your category we are giving here just an example just for education purposes.

See, subcategory has been created and it is under the main category. Now we will see how to use category and tags in our post.

Sub category created

Step 6– Go back to post section click > Add new

Create a post using category

Write your post title > write description or content in the content section  > Select category as shown in the image then publish if you don’t want to use tags but if you want to use tags in your posts then keep reading.

Step 7– Use tags

use tags

Use and relevant tags related to your post and save tag then publish your first post.

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