How to Create Facebook Business Group and what are its Settings

What are facebook business groups? People are curious to know about facebook business groups. How to promote business through facebook business groups? How to Create Facebook Business Group and what are its Settings?

In this article, we’ll create a business group and we’ll also look for its settings.


Let’s find out what is the difference between Facebook Group and a page.

  • Pages are less friendly as compared to groups.
  • Groups are like a community of people where people/Users can share their reviews to discuss the products or businesses.
  • Groups are more user-friendly as compared to pages.
  • Pages often look like static websites. Whereas groups seem to be dynamic.
  • You can add more people to the groups as compared to pages.
  • Users can post content in the groups.
  • We can make our group private or public at any time.
  • You can share a live video in the group.
  • Groups are like your profile whereas pages are like websites.

What is Facebook Business Group?

Facebook business groups are those groups where you share your business products and allow people to share their reviews about products give their suggestions to post their queries and got the answer by the other users. Business groups are like a community of people where people exchange their reviews about the business, explore new ideas and get the better product out of it.

How to Create a Business group?

The process is the same as you create other general groups on facebook. You can also link your business group to your Facebook business page. We’ll see later in the settings.

Let’s Get started by creating a business group.

First of all login to your facebook then type this in your URL ” “, It will take you directly to the group creation page.

How to Create Facebook Business Group

Hover over  and click ” Create a Group

How to Create Facebook Business Group

Now add your page name here as a group name and then select some friends to add in this group.

How to Create Facebook Business Group

Select the privacy of the group. Would you want to show this group to the public other than your friends then select the public.

How to Create Facebook Business Group

Once you add some members you can hide this group from search engine only members will be able to see this, make it visible always.

How to Create Facebook Business Group

You can pin this group in the shortcut menu at the left sidebar so you can easily access it when you open your Facebook account.

Finally, enter and create it.

add friends in the group

You can add as many friends to the group as you can. There was a time when a single was enough to add someone to the group but now you have to wait for the user to accept your invitation to join the group, you cannot add them automatically as like before.

about section of groups

You can edit the ” About ” section in the group.

Now look for more options.

Moderate group

You can moderate group settings. Here you can create scheduled posts that will be published later. You can check how many posts users have reported and other necessary settings.

Edit group settings

Click > more  > Edit group settings.These are some very important settings.

facebook group settings

Select your group icon it helps you to find out your group because different users can create a similar group with a similar name this will help you to choose your own.

You can also set the description of what this group is all about,here you can write your business or product detail.

You can also select your country location here.

Tags are general queries of people that users search in the search bar. Users can easily find out your group with tags so make sure type few tags related to your business.

facebook group settings

You can also add your ” Business website Address ” here. This will show your group authentication.

You can link your business page here. Your group users can easily go to your facebook page this is the best way to engage the audience.

facebook group settings

Select this section who will accept the user’s request to join the group if the user is coming from facebook search engines. You must select an admin and then save the settings.

Remember: Allow everyone to post in your group if any user is posting abusing content then block the specific user and set your group rules in the moderate section of the group.

You are all done with your group settings.

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