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Are you a non-techie..! And just started WordPress website and you don’t know how to create menus in WordPress?

Menus are an essential part of WordPress website and it mostly shows in the header or a footer it depends on you either you can set menu items in header or footer or you can keep both menus at a time. In this article, you are going to learn how to create menus in WordPress.


Before shall we start keep one thing in mind that you must have created pages or categories to show in menus? We have already written a few articles about how to create pages and categories.

How to Create pages 
How to create Categories

Step 1– Login to your WordPress site and then click > Appearance, as shown in the image below.

How to create menus in WordPress

Step 2- Click menus under Appearance.

How to create menus in WordPress

Step 3– Click Create New menus

How to create menus in WordPress


Step 4– Give any name to your menu Suppose we are giving ” New Menu ” After giving the name click save.

Save menus

Step 5-When you click save you can see that new menu has been created.

new menu

Step 6-Now Add some pages or categories in your menu you should not be displayed your menu empty.
First thing you need to do is to create pages then add them in the menu click on the checkbox and add whatever the page you want to.

add pages to menu

Step 7- Click Add to menu your pages will be shown under the menu section in the right side see below.

Menu items

You can see that the pages are on the menu section.

Step 8- You can add categories as well in menus section or you can create a sub-menu under these pages that you have already created you just need to drag and drop.

sub menu

As highlighted in the above image we have menu items sample page, support, plan, just to tell you how you can create a sub-menu we have drag support page under-sample page it’s just a simple game of your mouse its very easy.

Step 9– This is our last and it is the most important step during the creation of the menu. After creating a menu you have to select the menu location where you want to show these pages. You basically have two options mostly depends on your theme some theme developers give you one option and some themes will give you two option.

Remember: if you have one option then your menu will be shown in the header its also called main menu as we have selected our recent created menu location ( Main Menu ) However we have two options luckily. we can put this menu in both the section main menu and footer menu or we can create a separate menu for the footer as well its depend on you but the method is same.

Given a menu location then save and preview.

Main menu

Congratulations we have successfully created a menu.

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