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Did you know that Google doesn’t crawl images? However, when you need any type of image you go straight into Google images and Got million of images with millions of websites links, what does that mean? It means that these images owner does an image optimization or image SEO to index their images on Google.

By default, according to the algorithm of Google, it doesn’t crawl images except for your site pages. However, sometimes we see tons of images on google. These images come from a different website and these Website does image optimization that’s why we able to see these images on Google. This image SEO process called ” Alt attribution ” or sometimes it referred to as the Alt tag or alternative text.

In this article, we will guide you ” How to do image optimization on WordPress


Process to do image optimization ( ALT TAG )

Image optimization or giving Alternative text to your image is a part of on-page SEO.

As we mentioned in the previous articles,on-page SEO is just about to manage or structured your content and image
( ALT TAG ) is a part of on-page SEO.Google doesn’t crawl images but, if you would like to crawl your images through crawlers then give Alt tag to your images.

Alternative text or Alt tag is an internal text of images users cannot see these text except you and Google crawlers. When Google crawlers enter your website they read Alternative text of your images and they got an idea what this image is all about because you always give the relevant text to your image to make users understand what this image is all about and Google really likes this.

Different users have different choices some users search for an article some look for images to understand some look for a video to get the information of related queries. For example, if your user is looking for restaurants near him/her. He might not gonna read your article or he cannot come straight into a website by just writing typing on Google. Many websites can be shown in the results and you might be nowhere on the first page. How to get the user straight onto your website?

This is the thing where we need image Alt attribution. If we did a good image optimization then our image can be shown up in the google images and the user can come on our website straight away.

How to do this practically, Let’s get started.

Upload an image first.

 image optimization

After uploading the image you can see that we have found some options and these will be hidden from users.
Alt text

These are the option where you can optimize your image.

Write down the text which clearly describes the image then copy-paste that text in your tile, then in caption then in your description.

Remember: Use your focus keyword here in Alt text, title and in the description but not in all the images. Suppose if you have 10 images per post use your focus keyword in 5 images in the rest of images uses the exact name of the image which describes the image clearly.

Giver alternative text

As you can in the above image.we have given Alternative text to our image. It clearly describes the image that this image is about. Google crawlers will be able to read this image easily and its called a Good image SEO.

We will have more options under this when you scroll down the page but that is optional. Let’s have a look at those options.

image alignment

This is about where you want to show your image, either you can show in the center or in the right or left. You can also choose the image size whatever you want either large small or thumbnail to remember it’s not a part of image optimization it’s optional.

image alt attribute

make your image center align and size should be full-size.

That’s all done.

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