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Do you want to rank your website on the first page of Google? And you have not done any keyword research yet. Stop thinking to start reading this article. we will tell you how to do keyword research Stey by step.

Google Algorithm designed to pickup ” Keywords ” When a crawler( Google bots ) crawl your website it crawls the keywords of your on-page content that you might put during writing an article. Google pick those keywords and index in the search engine. When a user searches any query on shows the relevant result based on keywords.

I wish you have got an idea of how important ” Keyword research is “.You cannot start writing anything straight away without doing proper keyword research if you do this nobody gonna see your content except few people whom you share.

The purpose to rank your keywords on Google is to get organic traffic from Google without paying a single pane to Google.

Let’s Get Started to explore the ways how to do keyword research.



1- Find long-tail keywords ( More than two words ) it’s easy to rank

2- Work on low competition Keyword. it’s easy to rank

3- Search those keywords which have a minimum of 500-3000 searches per month. Do not pick up dead keywords as well as not pick up high searches keywords because if its already in searches then it will be difficult for you to rank it.

4-  Keyword difficulty should be under 30. Not pick those keywords which are difficult to rank. If their difficulty level is above 30 and not under 30.

5- If you can afford then get a paid tool to find keywords although we will start working with free tools.

How To Start Searching?

Type anything on Google search bar related to your topic. For example, if we have a technology blog or website and we want to collect some keywords to put in our article, simply type technology on Google.

How to do keyword research

As you can see above we have typed technology word google have shown us million of results but what is our target we have to find out the exact monthly searches between 500-3000 and the keyword should be long-tail more than two words.

To do this we will use a free tool offered by a google called ” Google keyword tool ” or keyword planner. Let’s start using this.

Google Keyword Planner Tool

How to do keyword research

Type the ” Keyword planner tool” then click on the second link. It will take you to the signup page.

How to do keyword research

Click sign-in From your Google if you have a google account if not then sign up a new one. then click > Go to keyword planner. After clicking on the ” Blue Button ” it will take you to the main page of keyword planner.

discover new keywords

Click on discover new keywords. Then you will see the search bar where you can search your keyword.

Type your keyword

Type your keyword suppose we are looking for keywords related to technology. Type ” technology ” press enter and Get results.

keyword results

On the left-hand side, you can see that we have got many keywords and one more thing we have got monthly searches volume of that keywords to scroll down and find out those keywords which search 500-3000 per month and it should belong tail. As you can see on the top we have typed ” technology ” and its searches are 673,000. what does it mean its very competitive keyword and very difficult to rank. Scroll down and look for 500-3000 searches keyword.

We have highlighted two figures and given a name 1 and 2. These are the search volume of the keywords.

1st one showing us the exact searches and 2nd one is showing us the estimated per month searches like 10k to 100k. it means this keyword was searched between 1k to 100k per month and in the first one, it’s showing the exact per month result.
Let’s talk about the 2nd one first. Its showing 10-100k and 1k to 10k. These searches results are showing by the Google keyword planner as you know it is free that’s why Google showing us estimated results, not the exact results. However, to get the exact result in keyword planner we have installed an additional extension from Google web store called ” Keyword everywhere” its also free extension just like WordPress plugin to add extra functionality to your existing tool.

How To Install Keyword Everywhere.

Type Google web store in the Google search bar.

Google web store

Click on the second link. it will take you to the Google web store.

keyword everywhere

Type keyword everywhere in the search bar.

keyword everywhere extension

install this extension and it will show at the top menu bar of your google browser.

icon bar

have a look above. it will look like this after installation. Just click the icon and get the API key to use this extension. You can get API for free because of its a free tool.

Now type your query it will show you the exact searches volume under your search bar. How cool is this?

Monthly searches of keyword everywhere


You can see above we have got exact per month search were unable to get this feature. This is just because of ” Keyword everywhere

Move on to the last thing after getting the desired search keyword as well as long-tail keyword.

The last step- Check the keyword difficulty level it should be under 30. if the difficulty level of your finding keyword is above 30 then find another keyword skip this one which you have found earlier.

How will you check the difficulty level of your keyword for free. There are many tools but we will suggest you use Ubersuggest.its a great tool.

Type uber suggest in Google search bar click the first will take you to the main website.

Check keyword Difficulty using UberSuggest

Type ubersuggest

After clicking the first link. type your keyword in Ubersuggest

check your keyword in ubersuggest

Type your keyword and enter search.

check keyword difficulty

You can see above that this ” technology ” keyword has a high competition level and its difficulty level is out of 30 so its very difficult to rank. So what else we should do now. we should ignore this keyword and find out another one. as we mentioned in the Tips paragraph above.

We are done with keyword research. Remember one thing, Work on quality, not on quantity. Good keyword means good results no matter how long it takes to find out. If you can afford then but Ahrefs it’s a wonderful tool.

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