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Did you just install Yoast SEO and you getting confused How to do On-Page SEO in WordPress? Take a deep breath after reading this article you will exactly get to know how to do On-Page SEO in WordPress by using the Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast is a free WordPress plugin that allows us to do on-page SEO. As you know On-page SEO is 30% of overall SEO.70% backlinks are important which is called Off-page SEO. Learn more about Yoast Click Here.

In this article, we will guide you on how to use Yoast for on-page SEO.


Let’s Get Started.

First of all, let me tell you a few things about on-page SEO. On-page Seo is all about page content settings how many words you are going to write, How many pictures you are using during writing your content. How many keywords you are using.How big your title length is. These things are called on-page SEO. Yoast helps us to manage such content in terms of Google-friendly SEO so that Search engine crawlers will be able to crawl our content efficiently.

Let’s see how things work.

How to do On Page SEO in WordPress

As you can see in the above image Yoast SEO stats are telling us you don’t have content yet on your page no SEO stats are available, neither a Good nor a bad. its empty.

Scroll down and view more options.

How to do On Page SEO in WordPress

we can clearly Highlight a gray circle available with the ” SEO ” title. its a sign or you can say that its a light. When your SEO will be good it turns Green. when your SEO would be bad it turns Red when your SEO would be Normal and needs to improve it turns Orange.

If you scroll down a bit you can see the heading ” SEO Analysis ” this is the place where you can see all the recommendations of Yoast either its Good or not Good.

How to do On Page SEO in WordPress

As you can see above if your SEO is good this circle turns Green as I mentioned above. Move on

How to do On Page SEO in WordPress

If you are doing everything Good these 13 things will be shown with Green circle if anything you have not done according to Yoast it turns Orange or Red. Orange means it’s ok but not perfect and Red means its bad.

Yoast seo analysis

This is another example, Red shows that Yoast is telling you to correct these things which are written in the line. Orange means it needs improvement but it’s not included in bad like red.

Onpage SEO and Yoast is like a traffic signal if you are not doing Good it turns red it means hold on and try something else as per recommendation. If you are doing Good it turns Green if you are between its orange it not good or bad.

Let’s add some content to understand more deeply.

Add a new post give your title.

Add a new post

Let’s see what happens after adding a title.

Go to SEO analysis and see the result, what Yoast is saying is this title is good or not.

Yoast add a title

Yoast is saying your title is Good it turns Green wow. move on and turns the remaining red ones into the green.

focus keyphrase

Add your “ Focus keyphrase ” here, in Yoast language focus keyphrase called Keywords. when you will put your researched keyword here Yoast will guide you where you have to use this keyword and how many times.

putting keyword

we have put our focus keyphrase but Yoast is telling us that we need more improvement. because it turns means nothing is Good.

Let’s see what Yoast is suggesting to us and how many things we have done correctly.


Four things we have done good, one improvement required and two things are still red.

Remember one thing: We have to turn 13 things Green as we have mentioned in the above image with 13 green. However, we have a few options here? You will get more options and suggestions as you continue to correct the suggesting ones.

Add Yoast title

As you can see the image above and highlighted arrow. Here Yoast just has given a few new options and asking us to fill it.



3- Meta description

You can just copy Paste your top title which you have just written at the top. After pasting that title Yoast will tell you was that a good enough or not.

Yoast title

See above it’s Orange it means Yoast saying it’s not Good enough but it’s ok turns it Green.

Yoast title turns red

You can see above it turns Green because we have edited our title.

Remember after editing your title make you sure you have also edit your title at the top. Now write a meta description

meta description in Yoast

Yoast is telling us your meta description is Good.

meta description

The meta description is really will show at Google’s Home page when anybody searches related query about your content your title and meta description will be shown in front of the user screen. So summarize your full body text in two lines.

Yoast suggestions

You can see at the top our SEO status turns into Orange from red. we are doing Good enough.

Now add some content ..we have filled Yoast additional options.move on to our main content area.

adding content

we have added some dummy content above. Now check what Yoast is saying.

Yoast recommendation

After putting content Yoast has shown us all the options which we have to correct according to the Yoast.

When everything will be Good you will see the page like this.

on page seo

Everything is Turns Green it means we have done on-page SEO perfectly.

The last step to publish your post now.

Publish your post

Now you can see above before publishing the shows that our SEO stat is Good and Green as we have had mention, in the beginning, it was gray.

Congratulations. You have done on-page SEO perfectly.

Note: Yoast SEO is a free tool. However, it offers a premium version as well which will allow you to manage your content more friendly in terms of Google SEO, but free version is also sufficient.

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