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What is on-page off-page SEO? How to do SEO on google? These are some demanding questions and everyone who owns a website they really want to solve this mystery. Of course, everyone wants to see their website at the top of Google’s first page.

SEO is all about techniques- First how your content is managed. Second, how you promoting that content. Those techniques in which we manage our on-page content to engage the audience and secondly for Google crawlers which is responsible to index your content after reading out your website.These things called On-page SEO.
Moreover, how many places you are putting your content to create backlinks its called Off-page SEO.

In this article, we gonna share some useful techniques How to do SEO on google and how you can rank your website on the first page of Google.



Before starting on-page SEO keep one thing in your mind create exceptional content for your users. It should not be copied from anyone else’s website. It should be your own content.No matter how many hours you have spent on it. Most important in on-page SEO try to understand your user behavior what they are liking images base content, textbase content or video base different people have different choices. Analyze your audience’s behavior then structure your content or data.

Here im going to share few techniques of my own to get a better relationship with Public and with Google crawler to get better results of On-page SEO. You manage your content for two purposes first for your audience second for Google crawlers. If your content is SEO friendly and error-free Google will crawl it easily and won’t get delayed to index your keep checking your site errors on a weekly or monthly basis. If crawler will face any issue you will be notified in your google console account.

Google console is a Google product in which you can submit your site XML sitemaps. We write about it later.

An XML site map is a text file or your site map which you can create from different methods you can create it over XML SITE MAP GENERATOR or you can create it over Yoast SEO it’s a free plugin of WordPress.

A sitemap collects your web pages’ information. Your categories, Archives and other pages. In other words it collect your website biodata. You can create it by a single click then you can check it.

view pages details

As you can see in the above image this is our own website sitemap and all pages list created with a single click

When you create it then you have to submit it on Google search console. Let me more clear these two things.

We create a site map for “google crawlers”.Crawlers do not crawl any website automatically. we have to invite crawlers by submitting sitemap on google search console platform. When you submit this sitemap Crawler will collect our pages categories and other information and will save it for future content which we gonna post.

Now every time when we post anything on our website any type of data crawlers will get that information easily and crawlers will index our data on google. However, we can limit Google crawler to crawl from anything like login page tags and etc.

Yoast SEO is a free plugin available on WordPress if you are a WordPress user then you can limit Google crawlers to No index your few pages which would not like google to crawl or index. This can be your private page or you are putting any copyrighted content on that specific so you can add ” No follow ” instructions in Yoast. then crawlers will not crawl your specific page.

Google search console is a free product of Google. In this product, Google will let you know is there any error on your website and how many internal links do you have and it monitors your site activity. It’s a very useful product. This tool will tell you how many pages or articles on your website has been crawled or indexed by Google crawlers.

In on-page SEO use H1, H2, H3, H4 headings. Google really likes it. Google thinks use have managed your content very well and its a good sign for crawlers.

keyword research is the backbone of your website to rank on the first page of Google. If your keyword research is weak your content is not gonna rank no1 on google. it should be unique, it should be in trending, and it should not be in high competition. use keywords with a low difficulty level. For better understanding read this article click here.

How you can do keyword research and what are the platforms readout. click here.

Your content length should be a minimum of 500 Words and maximum up to you how many words you can easily write. Remember one thing work on quality not on quantity.

Use proper image optimization. Use alt tags in your images. Don’t use copyrights images. create your own images. Tell the crawlers what this image is all about.


Off page seo

Off-page SEO is all about creating backlinks.if you have thousand of backlinks then Google will consider your website as an authority website and Google will rank your website as compared to the low authority website which keeps few backlinks.

You can check your website backlinks on SEMRush and Moz . However, there are some other websites but these are trusted websites.

There are many ways you can create backlinks.

You can create your social media profiles. Like Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter and so on.
Share your content and get traffic and backlink. How Google will get to know that you have shared your content. When you share your content on any website definitely the user will click and come onto your website then Google will consider as one backlink. So share as much as you can.

Submit your website link on directories Yellow Pages and Yelp are most famous. Directories are free websites that allow you to put your website link over there. However not all websites allowing you to do that. This is an old method but you can try it.

Get a paid backlink. You can search relevant websites of your niche then email them I want to publish my content or article on your website and I will pay you for that. if they got agree then pay them and get a backlink.
Remember: contact with the relevant websites owner like if you have a sports website then don’t contact to the one who holds technology-based websites no matters how good or famous that website is. Google likes backlinks from similar websites. 

You can create slides video and publish on Slideshare websites.its also a good way to get a backlink.

These are the few techniques you can use and get backlinks. Remember Google rate your website from 100.

If you getting Google traffic and you have sufficient backlinks so Google will start ranking your website. Its also called the Google rating system. It starts from 1 rating out of 100 if you are a new user. See the example below.
and so on. Look at the Google ranking in the image below Google’s rate itself 100/100


Look at the image above, organic keyword means unique keywords. As I said earlier Google always ranks unique keyword and its Algorithm works on keywords. The second thing is organic monthly traffic, why we do SEO? We always do SEO to get organic traffic. it means the traffic we are getting on our website without paying a single pane its called organic traffic. And organic traffic comes from any source it can come from social media or someone’s else website. It can come from Google as well that’s why we do Google SEO.

This is a new addition in the field of SEO after on-page and off-page SEO. In this SEO, Google crawlers check your website speed is it fast or not it checks your page loading time and etc. You have to optimize your websites weekly or daily basis because nobody likes delays. Not a user and not a crawler.

Secondly, there should be no broken links on your website. You can check can on the console website.

these are the few thinks called technical SEO.

I wish I cleared Some of your confusion about SEO.

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