How To Download Play store Apps on Your Laptop


How To Download Play Store Apps on Your Laptop

Google play store is an android based platform of Google where you can download all the android applications and software directly from your android device. But what happens when you want to use android apps on your system/laptop. Download third party software which is called “ Bluestack ” it enables you to use android apps on your system such as WhatsApp messenger etc. How To Download Play Store Apps on Your Laptop with bluestack or without bluestack.


Here we are going to discuss two things.

1- How to download android apps on your system for mobile devices.

2- How to use android apps on your laptop

There are two methods to download android applications. First, download it right away from your android device secondly download it from your system or laptop. Anyone can download apps from android devices but if downloading is not working then you can also download from your laptop or pc lets me show you how to do that.

How To Download Play store Apps on Your Laptop

Go to Google type play store this page will be open. Select any app as I selected the ” Whatsapp App ” you can choose your own.

When you click this app and try to download this would not be available for download because your system might be running over windows or Linux. How would you download just click the ” download ” button look at the URL and copy it from ending “ com.WhatsApp ” and then paste this URL to another website called “ apk downloader

apk downloader

Go to your browser type ” apk downloader

after coming on this website paste your copied URL and > Generate download link. Your app will be downloaded.

apk download

You can transfer this downloaded app into your phone using data cable or so.

What next if you want to use these androids apps on your Windows or Linux system.

Simply Download Bludestack software in your system. This will allow you to use android apps on your system or laptop.

download bluestack

Download the app from the above-mentioned link.

How to download bluestack software

Click download and start using android apps on your pc/laptop.

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