How to Earn Money On YouTube Without Adsense-Best Ways

Best Ways To Earn Money On YouTube Without Adsense


Undoubtedly Youtube is the best way of earning especially if your monetization is on because of how long the users would watch the videos you get paid without performing a single task. What happens when you don’t have monetization and you desperately want to Earn on Youtube. How you can Earn Money On YouTube Without Adsense/Monetization?.

Here im going to share the best ways of Earning on Youtube without an Adsense.

Get Sponsorships and Promote on Your Channel:-

This is one of the best and famous way of earnings over the internet. All you need is to capture lots of traffic and decent followers on your Youtube channel. When you have lots of followers and views on your channel You can get sponsorship of different brands and businesses and get paid by them just for promoting their products on your channel. This is the best way of earning with monetization or Adsense headache.

Earn with Affiliates Links:-

You can join any affiliate program with amazon or ShareASale these are the best in this business. Affiliate marketing is the fastest growing business online. In this business, you have to promote merchandisers product on your website, when a user clicks a product link on your website, he will be redirected to the merchant’s website and if he buys anything there you will get a commission.

So what you need to do is to promote the product links on your channel in the description. When your Youtube users will buy anything From your link you will get paid.

If you don’t know how to start an Affiliate marketing business then Click here.

Sell Your Own Products:-

Honestly speaking I don’t recommend anyone to do a job because at the end of the day you retired as an employee and you don’t enjoy the luxuries at old age. You can get a better life by only doing your own business. Youtube is providing us such a platform where we can fulfill our dreams.

You can choose the product in which you think that you can have good knowledge and you can describe/sell the product both online and offline.

You can buy a product in bulk if you have budget otherwise there are many people in your surroundings doing traditional business you can sell their products on your Youtube channel and get paid by them that an awsome business I would say.

After getting commissions from others business starts manufacturing your own healthy products and sell with the same technique on Youtube.

Sell e-Books:-

Users really love to read e-books, because this era is the Hitech era people want everything on their mobile devices they want to read novels, digest, stories books. You can provide them ease of reading e-books that will be a life-changing business for you to selling or promoting e-books on Your channel.

Sell Your services:-

If you are working as a freelancer or you have any skills like MS office, designing skills AutoCAD, developing skills you can sell your skills on Your Youtube channel. Even you can sell youtube channel after getting sufficient subscribers. This is also a great business nowadays.

Make your video under standard Youtube license:-

Remember we have got two options during uploading video.

1- Standard Common Youtube licensed

2- Creative common License

If your video is under Youtube common licensed nobody will be able to copy your video if it goes viral. People can contact you to publish your videos on their channels. This is also a great way to earn on Youtube.

Suggest someone else Channels:-

You can promote a new Youtubers channel on your channel and you can charge them to suggest their channel on your Youtube channel. This is also a wonderful way to make money online on Youtube without Adsense.

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