How to Earn With Facebook page How to Create a Page

How to Earn With Facebook page? This is a very demanding question I have been asked by hundreds of users because Facebook has just announced its monetization program just like youtube in which you can monetize your page’s video and get paid by Facebook.

Facebook revenue is about $4 million per day and if facebook is announcing to share its revenue with users thats not a big deal for Facebook. Even by doing this program facebook earnings will be increased by 300% times anyways.

To start earning with facebook first of all you must have one facebook page where you can share a video.

In this article, we’ll see how to create a facebook page and how to Earn With Facebook page and other necessary settings.


For creating a facebook page you must have one facebook account.

Open your facebook page and in the URL bar type ” ” and press enter. It will take you to the main page where you can create your first page.

How to Earn With Facbook page

Look at the image above here you have two options you can create a public page and business page if you have any business. As of now, we’ll create a public page because we are creating it for earning purposes, not for business.

How to Earn With Facbook page

Choose the name of the page I randomly type ” viral news ” and select category as news and media you can choose your custom options > press Enter

How to Earn With Facbook page

Upload your page profile image if you have not created yet then go to and create one for you. If you don’t know how to use canva then Click here. After uploading your profile image click next.

How to Earn With Facbook page

Upload your cover photo,you can also create this on Canva.

How to Earn With Facbook page

Congratulations You have successfully created your first page, this is your page timeline. Now move on to the necessary settings for your page.

Let’s start to configure your page settings.

How to Earn With Facbook page

First of all Click ” About “, this is the most important section on your page. This about section describes how authentic page is this,How much serious you are with the thing you are doing on your page. This page includes Your contact info web address user name Your timings your locations everything a user can get to know about your business.

facebook page user name

These are the settings,everything is important here fill these settings according to your details. However, setting the user name is the most important task here this will be your page URL and this becomes your page identity and always sets the user name similar to your page name. Suppose our page name is viral news so we will select @Viralnews after setting this URL page new URL will be,

For example, if @viralnews is not available then choose some other name similar to this. Scroll down and explore more options

page settings of facebook

Fill all the options and explore more settings.

Contact to page

Add a button here so that people will be able to message you in your inbox or you can paste your number here so that people will directly contact you on your given number.

Contact to page

You can make any option visible according to your page category.

Explore more options now.

invite friends to like page

By pressing this you can invite your friends to like your page a notification will be sent to them.

invite friends to like page

Facebook allows you to add 5000 friends on facebook. You can send an invitation to all of your friends in a single click.

set page role on facebook

Explore more settings.

set page role on facebook

Here you will have many options to customize your page. However, im just mentioning the only one which is most important that is set, admin roles. If you are page owner and away from facebook then you can make someone else as an admin or set different roles like a content creator, moderator or etc. Everything will be done from here.

set page role on facebook

Add your friend or page user name here, he will be added but make sure he should be a subscriber to your page. He must like your page

Move onto some other settings.

How to set page auto response

Click inbox and set your Custom reply to users when they message you.

set custom message for users inbox

Set your automatic response message if you are away or you can’t reply to every single message chooses this option, this will send a custom message to your users.

set custom message for users inbox

Here you have plenty of options set according to your preferences.You can also set a schedule message for your users. You can also show them that you are away and cant reply now plenty of options are available here.

We are all done with our page creation and page settings. How to make money with your page after setting up everything.

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