How to Earn With Google AdSense affiliate program

More than 70% of internet users do have an idea of what is Google Adsense & how it works. Unfortunately, if you don’t have an idea what actually Google Adsense does and How to Earn With Google AdSense affiliate program? then don’t worry you are on the right platform we’ll guide you step-by-step how it works.

I’ll give you a brief introduction to Google Adsense here, but we will discuss this topic in detail later maybe in the next article.

Let’s get started.

First of all your basic concepts about Google should be clear then it will be easy for you to understand AdSense.

Google is not only a search engine. Google is the largest online marketing place. It collects ads from companies and publishes them on your website. When any user clicks the ads from your website you will get paid.

Google work as a third party. We have a website we are promoters and Google just a publisher or advertiser. Those who give an ad to Google called merchants.

So what Google does.

Merchant Gives ads to Google and Google publish on Our website. When a user clicks any ads on our website they redirect to the merchant website and Google gets paid by merchants and then Google shares some percentage with us from that earnings. Google paying us in cents or dollars according to the keyword and its rate.we’ll discuss it later.

Google has its Affiliate program called Google Adsense. whoever wants to display Google ads on their websites/blog and wants to earn they need to create an AdSense account. This is something very easy to log in to Google account an create an Adsense account.

However, you have to verify your Adsense account from Google..When you register with Adsense Google will review your website in detail than in a couple of days, Google will decide either you are going to accept or reject it.

There are several conditions by Google and you have to meet all those conditions then you get the verification and you will be able to create ads unit on your website.

Most importantly, create your own content. It should be unique and quality content. Google is hungry for new content. If you are providing this, then Google has no reason to reject your Adsense application.

Remember my 2 pieces of advice if you want to be a successful person online.

1- Content is the king. Create your own content don’t ever copy someone else content.

2- Work on quality, not on quantity.

Google doesn’t accept copyright content. So if you are planning to apply for an AdSense account then create your own content.

The next and major barrier in our earning is traffic. You need lots of traffic on your website to click on the Adsense ad. Otherwise, Adsense could be blocked on your website, because an empty website without users cannot give you a single pane the same as with Google.

So traffic is everything. Before approving your adsense Google also check the traffic stats of your website. How many unique visitors are daily coming on your website?

Another interesting thing, If you are clicking your own Google ads on your website just for increasing your earning then Google will also ban your AdSense account.

You can only approve one AdSense account with one website. However, if you have multiple websites then apply for multiple AdSense accounts.

That’s how Google Adsense works. For more detail study read our next article.

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