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Have you got stuck between sending and receiving files from PC to mobile devices? Open your system Bluetooth and do it. If you are unable to find Bluetooth option in your PC then we’ll guide you how to Enable Bluetooth in Windows 7,8,9,10.

Using Bluetooth for sending and receiving files from your mobile to PC or PC to mobile is the easiest way of file sharing rather than to connect data cable or using PC suite software. However, sometimes we don’t find the Bluetooth icon on the “Taskbar” menu. What is the solution to turn it on and visible on the taskbar or desktop?

Find out more How to Enable Bluetooth in Windows 7,8,9,10


You can turn this Bluetooth option enable in 5 minutes on your PC.

Enable Bluetooth in Windows 7,8,9,10 

First of all, go to my computer Click > C drive

C drive window 7

Open windows

Click windows

Find out system32 and click over it.


Now, look at the search bar at the top right corner and type “ fsquirt ” then press enter. It will show the Bluetooth option.

fsquirt bluetooth

After typing ” fsquirt ” you will see the ” Bluetooth ” icon hower over and copy this and past on desktop.

enable bluetooth in windows 7

this is your hidden Bluetooth option. Now click over it and start sending and receiving files.

send and receive files from bluetooth

We are all done with enabling Bluetooth on our PC.

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