How to Find Youtube Channel URL & How To Change It

Are you a Youtuber and finding the ways to change your channel URL? then you are on the right platform.I’ll let you know how to Find Youtube Channel URL & How To Change It and make Your own custom URL.

Custom URL shows your channel or page legitimacy and authentication. It is also easy for users to find or redirect to your channel in seconds without wasting time on searching and typing keywords on Google. When you first create your new channel your URL looks ugly including alphabets numbers and special characters. What does it mean the user cannot remember this and it does not suit your channel brand image.

in this article, I’ll guide you on how to make your custom URL.


When you create your new channel and go to the home page your URL looks like this.

How to Find Youtube Channel URL

That’s how our channel URL looks like.this because it’s new. We just have created it today.

It should be like this ” ” this is our custom channel URL because learning Tv is our channel name and this URL for our channel so that the user comes onto our channel with a single click without searching. How to make it possible?

First of let me tell about Youtube terms and condition about changing existing channel URL to Custom URL.

1- Your channel must be 30 days older.

2- You must have more than 100 subscribers on your channel

3- Your channel name should be available. If it is not available it means someone already taken that URL you cannot take it again.

Read out the Terms and condition of Youtube

youtube custom url

This is the official terms and condition of Youtube about changing your URL to the custom URL.

Youtube has also mentioned the step by step procedure on how to do this.we are not doing this because we are not eligible because our channel is just one day old but later we’ll do this.

change youtube channel url

In the above mention image, youtube has clearly mentioned the step by step procedure of changing current URL to the custom URL.

Suppose if you don’t like your custom URL and want to change this one again then Youtube again Guiding us on how to change it once again.

remove custom url and claim a new one

As mentioned in the above image, you have to delete your current URL first then change it again if it is available.

We are all done with changing the Changing Youtube channel URL.

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