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There are lots of tutorials and articles available on internet and users want to use that stuff techniques with their WordPress sites all are all intended for users to try new stuff new things on their WordPress web and learn more about it. Sadly a small little error can cause the whole site to break which is very scary especially for new users. If you trying to do new stuff on your site and getting this type of error “Syntax error, unexpected” then don’t freak out. You are not alone on WordPress getting this error( syntax error or parse error) in WordPress, and you will not be the last one.

use proper code(Syntax) to avoid these errors

This is the most common WordPress cms problem often occurs when adding code snippets to your website through functions.php. after adding when you reload the site, instead of your site, you see something else have a look below.


Syntax error.

well, Browsers are real sticklers for this kind of thing and will throw a fit like this even for a missing bracket or semicolon. this syntax error message only means that there is a mistake in your code like a missing comma, or an extra curly bracket can break the entire script and you have to check it out and write the code properly.

Remember not to paste code snippets into your live site and if you recently paste a snippet from the web or installed any new plugin then check that out problem might be there

Try solving error with FTP method

well if still confuse and unable to solve this syntax error or parse error problem then don’t need to worry about this tiny error use the second method.

The browser will tell you exactly which file it has issues with and even in which line the parsing error occurs isn’t too much of a guessing game in order to correct this error,

All you need to do is dial into your server via FTP, browse and find out the file in question, right-click to edit, and find the line the error message is pointing out. Now do few things correct the syntax if you can if you know how to do it or you should delete or disable the code in question. After that, save and re-upload the file, Now go back to your WordPress reload the site and everything will get normal.

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