How to Generate leads and Engage more users to Buy

Are you struggling for a long time and not getting leads in the affiliate marketing business? What’s going wrong? why are things not working? How to Generate Leads and Engage more users to buy?

First of all, audit, your website check out everything twice. Are your links working? What are your user interest, what they are searching for? Are you doing the right keyword research? If everything is fine then your approach to engage the clients would be wrong I guess. You have to re-plan your marketing strategy once again to convert your users into buyers.

Let’s get started with a new marketing strategy to generate leads and Engage more users to Buy


By doing two things you can grab user attention.

1- Create a landing page again

2- Collect emails of every user

These two things would really help you to get more buyers.

1- Landing Page

The landing page is everything on your website. It can convert your website visitor into a buyer or it can waste a user,so you can get an idea of how important is this.

Now here a user can ask me a question that how to create a landing page that attracts users and convert them into buyers? that’s really a good question.

There are two ways you can create a stunning landing page.

1- Buy a pre-made template

2- Use an Elementor to create your own

Suppose if you cannot buy a pre-made template then install Elementor if you are using WordPress CMS.

Let me show you the demo which I have just created on Elementor.

How to Generate leads and Engage more users to buy

Open your WordPress web > Create a new page and edit with Elementor.

Elementor blank page

This is the blank page of Elementor. You can start creating your landing page from here. I have made one for you. In case if you don’t know how to use elementor then youtube is the best teacher for you> Go and watch the video tutorial, How to use Elementor. You can learn Elementor in one day.

landing page with elementor

This is the landing page I have created with Elementor. You can create your own. Now notice a few things. I hook up a user with a sensational heading ” How to make money online ” user will attract in a sec what is that should I open it or not open.

In this period he thinks I should skip this. However, when he looks down I have mentioned that “ Sign Up FoR 30$ ” Now he might be interested. Here you have a chance to convert this user into a buyer. Put your link in the button text or anywhere around the image text, Where ever you want,thats how landing page works. Think from your own mind. What headings or lines can grab user attention.

Go to the other affiliate websites try to do the similar if you cannot compete with them.

2- Collect Emails 

Collect emails from your users. Use MailChimp or hustler or any other pop creator or Newsletter plugin and then start collecting emails.

How will you grab user attention through email?

Let me clear one thing, suppose you have collected many emails but you are not allowed to send them your product link in an email this is against the policies of affiliate marketing your account will be ban. Just send them your product page link. Ultimately here your landing page will work for you If you have created it with a good marketing strategy.

So these two things will really work for you to convert many clients.

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