How to Generate Passive income with Event Blogging

Are you really looking to get passive earning online? then Event blogging is the right Option for you to get passive earning online in a short time.

The term ” event ” simply represents an event, In this type of blogging we create a blog or a website on one specific event just like New year it’s an event, we will create a complete website or a blog on this specific event. When this event will come we get a lot of organic traffic on our website/blog every year. That makes our passive income. Passive income is the term used when we getting earning and doing nothing. This is the example of an event blogging.

In this article, we’ll guide you how to Generate Passive income with Event Blogging

Tips to start Event Blogging.

If you are a beginner and you don’t know how to start event blogging or even if you cannot create a blog or a website then go to our WordPress category section above and start learning how to create a website and how to create a post. For more details Click here.

The first thing you need to do is to have a website or a blog.

Second, create a list of upcoming events.

The website domain should be relevant to that specific event. For example, if you are going to create a website on New year’s eve, then try to find a similar domain like

Choose one website for one event doesn’t mix the multiple event on the same website/blog.

Do the best keyword research related to that event.

Start working 3 months before the event.

You can capture multiple events over multiple websites.

Techniques to Boost your event blogging website

Create multiple event websites these websites will be called as a dummy website. Post as much data on these websites as you can if you can write an article then do it if you cant then copy and paste and get backlinks from relevant or irrelevant websites don’t think about Google penalties or etc.

The purpose to create these websites is to link your main website. When many websites of the same event will be linking to your website so then your main website will boost up and will be shown at the top in Google, so you will get millions of organic traffic in one day and you will get Huge earnings from one specific event.

Suppose if Google penalizes any of your dummy website your main website will not be affected, so play freely

Don’t confuse your self if you want to work with a single website then go for it this is the best way. However, the technique which I have just mentioned above is working awesome from the last couple of years. Bloggers getting millions of dollars from event blogging using this technique.

Remember: After creating a blog/website you have to post at least 30 articles then apply for Google Adsense account. After getting Adsense account ads will be displayed on your website.

According to me over the internet, event blogging is the best way to get passive earnings.

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