How to get million views on youtube very quickly in few days

Getting a million views on Youtube video is like a dream come true. Can you do that? Yes, you can, here im going to share few tips with you How to get million views on youtube very quickly in few days.

Sometimes you have lots of subscribers but you are not getting sufficient views on your videos that’s why your earnings are also low.No matter how good your video is no matter how good your thumbnail was.
The main thing is user interest, If your video is less interesting user will bounce back, How can we grab the user interest. What are the queries or interest which users are searching and how would we know that?

In this article, I’ll let you know how to get million views on youtube very quickly in a few days.


Tip to get million views

Different people would share different techniques with you but I would share my own technique which works very fast to get lots of views.

Use Google trends to know more about people’s interest and what they are searching for right now and even what they have searched a few days a few weeks and a few months ago.

This is a free tool of Google this will allow you to know about the search history of users on Youtube.

How to use Google trends?

First of all, open your web browser and type Google trends.

How to get million views on youtube

Click the first link.

How to get million views on youtube

This is the homepage of Google trends. Scroll down and explore more options.

How to get million views on youtube

these are the recent trending searches worldwide. Scroll down and explore more options

Google yearly trends

Have look at the above mention image, this image shows the yearly trend that people were searching for the whole year. You can even get to know about the country-wise trend and searches, what people were searching in that country. What was their interest?

Search Google trends

Type ” Youtube ” in the search box because we want to know about youtube searches.

set google trends

Now Google trends are showing multiple options set the options according to your target option. If you are targeting us based audience in your channel. Select the searches time period, like how many hours, days or weeks before what people were searching for what was their interest.

Select the category of your channel what is the niche of your channel and then select Youtube.

Suppose, I want to know about the past 7 days trend of youtube worldwide in all categories.

Search Google trends

You can set the specific country and category as well, as I mentioned above.

country wise trend

Now, look at the above mention image mostly searches are coming from Helena and Ethiopia what does it mean that people from Helena and Ethiopia using more youtube than any other part of the world. Now what they are searching for have a look in below mention image.

Google trends result

People from Ethiopia and Helena are searing about S.WA.T  Film and tuber topics and etc.

Now be attentive here.

what you have to do?

Write down the most searching topics and try to make a video on those topics. This will engage a huge audience.

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