How to give an order on Fiverr

Are you looking to hire someone on Fiverr? How will you do that? What is the procedure? How to give an order on Fiverr? Learn everything keeps reading.

Fiverr is the place where both sellers and buyers meet. Seller is the one who offers his service and the buyer is the one who hires a seller. Suppose if you are a buyer and you want to hire someone to work for you what will you do now?
You just simply need to look for the seller in that specific category and open his/her profile and look for the orders in the queue if he/she has more order in the queue then look for another one and order him.

in this article, we’ll guide you on how to give an order on Fiverr.


How to Give Order Step by Step

First of all login to Fiverr > then Click on that specific category.

Suppose we want to hire some to create our website > Click Search > Website development

When you enter this query you will get many options like this.

How to give an order on Fiverr

Click on the second one because all have good ratings and he has completed many orders than others so he looks more authentic and professional. Click his profile.

Order now on Fiverr

Click continue.

order now on Fiverr

Click on Order Now and keep going.

put your visa card details

You will find many options here like a visa card, debit card, master card to put your payment details because on Fiverr if you are going to give an order to someone you have to submit the full amount in advance you amount will be secured and locked when you will finally approve his work payment will be released.

This advance payment will be held on Fiverr and Fiverr will release it to the seller when you finally approved his work.

put your visa card details

Give your payment details and Click confirm pay your order will be placed.

There are two methods first order them straight away or secondly, you can contact your seller through inbox and ask your queries personally before giving them an order.

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