How To Give Copyright Strike to Someone on Youtube

Do you know that someone can easily steal your video content on youtube such as music, images, audio or complete video? How to restrict someone to stop using your data? Simply send them Copyright Strike. How To Give Copyright Strike to Someone on Youtube?

This is a very common issue on youtube if something goes viral people start copying that content without knowing about the consequences and after-effects. If you are creating your own content, right from thumbnail to outro, it simply means this is copyrights no one can upload your content on his channel on youtube until unless you are not allowing them to do so.

However, if someone still copying your content without your permission then you can give him a strike.

The strike is a warning by Youtube to inform you that this content is not your property so please delete it. Youtube would ask you 3 times not to work on copyright content, after these 3 warnings/Strikes Youtube will terminate your channel and your uploaded video will disappear.

in this article, I’ll let you know How To Give Copyright Strike to Someone on Youtube.


Give Copyright Strike to Someone

Suppose if have watched any video in which your content has been used, what you need to do is to open that video and look for a report option.

How To Give Copyright Strike to Someone on Youtube

Look at the right side you will find three dots ” ” Click this >

How To Give Copyright Strike to Someone on Youtube

Click > Report 

infringes my rights

Now you will have many options If you choose any other option except ” infringes my rights ” Youtube will send community guideline strike to the other person which is not so harmful but if you choose “ infringes my rights ” it simply means this person is using your data and you asking youtube to send him a strike or a warning. Now click ” Choose one option

Choose one option for copyright

Now you have 3 options you have to choose one and inform youtube why you want to send him a strike, then simply press Next. A new tab will be open.

Submit a copyright complaint

Hover over and click to ” submit a copyright complaint

You are all done with giving a strike to someone who was using your content without your permission.

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