How to Hide YouTube Channel or Delete it Permanently

If you are a YouTuber and searching an option on how to hide Youtube channel temporarily or delete it permanently? Then don’t worry we have a solution to your problem. Youtube providing both the options either you can hide your content temporarily or you can delete it permanently.

There are two options available on Youtube You can hide your channel temporarily and later you can unhide your channel back as it is. All comments, posts, likes will be reversed as they were before hiding. However, you have got another option, which is deleting your channel permanently. In this case, you won’t be able to get anything back neither your content nor your likes, comments, videos back, unless you save it.

In this article, we’ll guide you How to Hide YouTube Channel or Delete it Permanently.


Let’s get started.

First of all, open your web browser type youtube and go to the home page of youtube and make sure you must be login before on your Gmail account.

How to Hide YouTube Channel

This is your ” Youtube home page ” now scroll down and look for the ” Settings ” option. Hover over and click settings.

How to Hide YouTube Channel

Choose advanced settings.

Delete youtube channel

Click ” Delete channel

Log in to gmail

Login to your Gmail account again. This is just a confirmation of youtube either you are a true owner or not.

Hide channel or delete channel

When you log in you will have these two options.

1- Hide your channel

‘2- Permanent delete

Hover over and click 1,2 options and read in detail.

Hide channel temprary

You can simply read the following detail as mention in the image and tick the checkbox and then press enter ” Hide my channel ” Your channel will be disappear in public results, as well as your videos, content everything.

Delete your channel permanently

this is the second option you can delete your channel permanently here . Read the following description as mention in the above option. Once you delete it you won’t be able to recover anything. Everything will be deleted permanently.

How to unhide the hidden channel

Sign in to your youtube account and then ” Create a new channel ” Fill out the form make sure to choose an old channel name not use the new channel name if you would choose a new channel name this will create a new channel. If you choose the old name this will recreate your old channel. Then go to video manager and make your video public and viewable.

You are all done.

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