How to Increase Internet Speed How to Increase Wifi Signall Range

Does your internet running slowly? what are the reasons? why this is happening? is your network running on low bandwidth speed or you are facing weak wifi signal problem? If these are the reasons then how to Increase Internet Speed How to Increase Wifi Signal Range?

The most frustrating moment when you have no internet or its running slowly because everything is shifted on the internet and you might be doing something very important at that moment. There are two basic reasons for the slow internet.

1-Low bandwidth speed

2- Weak wifi signals

In this article, we’ll discuss How to Increase Internet Speed How to Increase Wifi Signal Range.


If you having this slow internet problem then do these things to make sure is everything ok with your internet. What are those 3 things?

1-Check the bandwidth speed of your internet

2- Check the connected wifi clients

3- Test your internet speed on

okla speed test

If everything is good but still you having low speed then your router might be creating this problem. How to fix this?

First of all, you have to check the signals, are you getting a full signal or not? However, im going to tell you some router settings which is gonna fix your internet and router speed.

1- Find out the manufacturer name of your router company and go to their official website and look for updates of your router model and upgrade its firmware.

2- Change your router position install your router in an open place maybe in the center of the house where walls should not stoping the wifi signals by expanding.

3- If you still facing this issue then upgrade your wifi antenna if your wifi router is running on the single antenna and it has option to build another one then built the second antenna and check out now is it working fine or not.

4- If you don’t have a dual antenna option then purchase wifi extender. There are two types of wifi extender available in the market.

1- adapter base

2- plug and play

Fst one will work with your system means you have to make sure your system is always on, because it works with a USB port. However, you can run the second one by direct plugin the extender with a switchboard

5- Nearest wifi router signals can also break your wifi signals because mostly routers usually running on the same frequency so you have to purchase a router with a high range like 5mhz.

6- You can also change your channel width and sets it to 20 hertz.

7- Change your channel settings

8- Change the security level of your wifi password.Set it as WPA2-PSK-AES.This will also increase the range and speed.

Tip: If you are not a single owner of your password and your siblings and guest asking you for password then set a separate guest password and set the bandwidth speed so you won’t get this slow internet speed issue.

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