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Do you want to install themes in your WordPress? of course everyone wants..!! your theme and then your web front-page layout all it matters to make a good user experience, which usually refers as UI and UX. its called user experience and other one is the user interface.

WordPress gives you many themes for free which you can simply install and start customizing your website. But if you want to start your website with someone else theme like if you are viewing someone else website and you want to create like the same then you must have to purchase that theme or download from Google if you found anywhere over the internet.

Simply upload a zip file of your premium theme if you purchased or Downloaded from anywhere else. and then start customizing. If you don’t know how to customize that theme then there are two options.

1- Watch the video on youtube, you can simply type the name of the and type “ How to customize this____ Theme “.
you will get the relevant video by watching the video you will be able to create your website.
2- Upload the demo folder by doing this complete site will be uploaded as it is. If you are viewing and site from any themes selling companies, remember there are thousands of companies over the internet who selling their themes if you are purchasing your themes from them they will give demo file which always in( .XML ) file type.

when you upload this file whole site will be uploaded. it’s simple. How you can upload the demo folder or dummy site we will write a new article on this soon.


In a few steps, you will be able to install themes for your own WordPress website to keep reading.

Step 1- Login to your WordPress admin panel and click Appearance

install themes

Step 2– Click themes under Appearance as shown in the image below.


After clicking on themes you will see the page like this below

install themes

Here you can see we have two option first one is search themes second one is upload themes. I have already mentioned that WordPress always gives you two options first one search themes from WordPress themes library and the second one you can upload them from your zip folder which you just have downloaded or buy. We will explore both the options.

Step 3- when you click on search themes you will see many options like this.

search themes

as you can see above there are many options for example featured, popular and etc. These are themes some of those are free some are premium. You can search your desired theme from search if free them install and activated and start customizing if not then buy that theme or download if available. However, my advice is not to use nulled or cracked themes for more details read this article.

Step 4- If you have any theme in the zip then follow these steps

upload themes

Click upload then you will see a page like this.

upload and install

Click upload and install zip folder. Remember before uploading a zip folder you need to extract the folder then upload here. after 100% uploading, you will see the message appears ” theme uploaded successfully or installed successfully ” then click activate.

Step 5- Go to Appearance> Customize the theme.

Customizing themes

You are All done. Congratulations.

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