How To Make USB Bootable And How It Works

Do you have a desktop PC with haveing low specifications? Or might be without CD/DVD drive then what else will you do to install a window setup? The ultimate solution is USB/Flash drive,you can make it bootable and start installing.How To Make USB Bootable And How It Works.

Normally a window takes 1 hour to complete to install Setup in your system and after using a CD 2-3 times it stops working and we have to buy a new one. Sometimes it’s irritating with having no money or even we don’t want to go out to get it.
In recent years Bootable USB drive taken a place of CD/DVD drives now you can make your USB drive bootable with simple software called ” RUFUS ” You have to install it and then install setup in your drive and then plug into your USB drive.

It normally takes 15-20 mins and you are done. It’s extra fast and you can use it for unlimited times until you damage any file out of it.

In this article, we’ll see How To Make USB Bootable And How It Works.


Make USB Bootable Step by Step

First of Go to your browser and type ” RUFUS

How To Make USB Bootable And How It Works

Click the first link it will take you to the mage page of this website.

Download rufus

Click and download this software. It’s very small in size 1.1MB

Rufus for usb drive

This is the setup of Rufus. Run it as an administrator.

Rufus for usb drive

Right-click and Run as Administrator and install it.

Rufus for usb drive

Look at the image above this is Our Rufus setup.

We have to make some changing here.

First of All, put your flash drive on your computer or laptop and it must be properly formated no data should be available.

Then copy your window setup from cd in any of your folders.

There are three things we have to do here.

Look at the image above we have an option ” Drive ” it’s asking us to select your flash or USB drive in which you want to copy the setup of the window and make it bootable.

Then below Boot selection. Here you have to select that folder or window setup which you have had copied before.

Then scroll down and click ” Start “, It will take hardly 5 minutes and your drive will be bootable.

Remember: Before installing windows from a USB drive make sure you have to select boot medium as USB/Flash Drive. Don’t select floppy or CD Drive otherwise, you won’t be able to install windows.

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