How to Monetize Your Youtube Channel In 4 Steps

Have you just created a Youtube channel and thinking to Earn money online on Youtube? Good idea, Why not > For doing this, first of all, you need to monetize your youtube channel. How will you do that? How will you Monetize Your Youtube Channel? Learn how to make it possible.

Youtube is the best way of passive earnings. All you need to do is to create a channel and put the video in your channel and then attach it with Adsense and enable Adsense ads on your channel and start earning.

In this article, I’ll let you know how to Monetize Your Youtube Channel In 4 Steps.


Requirements for earnings on Youtube.

1- Youtube Channel

2- Adsense Account

3- 1000 Subscribers

4- 4000 Hours watch time of videos

If you have a Youtube channel then it is Good if you have not created a youtube channel then click here.

You must have an Adsense account. If you have not one then make one for you Click here

Next step you need to link your Adsense account with Youtube account.

Connect Adsense with Youtube.

First of all, login to your Gmail account and then go to youtube.

Monetize Your Youtube Channel

This might be your youtube home page. Click on the top right corner on the image icon.

Settings of youtube

Now click on settings.

Monetize Your Youtube Channel

Click on the channel status and features.

Monetize Your Youtube Channel

Here you will get many options but you don’t need to play with these options unnecessarily. Click monetization > Enable.

Remember the monetization process to show Google ads on your channel via a partner program called Google Adsense.

Monetize Your Youtube Channel

You can see that we have 4 options 1,2,3 and 4 respectively.

Now click on ” Start ” and follow the procedure as im doing.

Monetize Your Youtube Channel

These are the terms and conditions of Youtube for monetization. You must agree with these terms and condition to activate your monetization then press ” I accept

Sign up for adsense

See above your first step has been completed successfully. Now click ” start ” and complete the 2nd step which is Sign up for an Adsense account. As I told you earlier you must have an Adsense account before doing these steps.

click next

Click next.

login to your adsense email account

Now login to your Adsense account.

accept association of adsense

Accept Association and press enter.

Redirect to adsense

Wait for few seconds here Adsense is connecting with your Gmail account once it’s connected it will redirect you to the monetization page.

set monetization prefrence

You have successfully completed 2 steps. Now Set your monetization preferences Click ” Startset monetization prefrence

Monetization preferences mean where you want to show adsense ads on your videos. Right sidebar or left bar or at the top there are 4 different options available. For now, leave it as it is just Click ” Save

4000 hrs and 1000 subscribers

See you have completed 3 steps successfully.

Now 4th step is remaining and this is not a piece of cake. You must have 1000 subscribers on your channel and your video watched by users minimum 4000hrs then this step will be completed automatically.

After completing 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours watch time. Youtube will review your channel and will let you know either your channel is finally monetized or it requires some improvements.

This is the complete procedure to monetize your channel and then start earning on youtube.

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