How to Put Under Construction WordPress Website

Do you want to hide your WordPress Website for a while? Probably sometimes you don’t want to show your website to other users except for your self. Yes! it’s absolutely possible and you will get to know How to Put Under Construction WordPress Website just by following few steps.

There are many reasons you might want to Put Under Construction WordPress Website which you are running.

No 1, You are doing some work on the website and you wish to hide it until unless it’s not complete.

No 2, You totally want to delete it or you want to change the theme.

No 3, you want to shift it to another domain.

These are some basic reasons. It totally depends on your choice because you will an admin of your website.

In this article, you are going to learn how to hide a website and how to use a plugin to disable the front end of your website.

Let’s Get Started.


As you can see the image above its clearly describe the plugin which you are going to hide your website, yes its ” Under Constructionplugin. By using this plug you are going to hide your website.

Follow the steps and work accordingly.

step 1- Go to plugins > Add New >Type under Construction 

Step 2- At the left menu bar, you will find settings option click settings.

and under settings, you will find another option which is ” under construction ” click it. then it will take you to the main page

Under Construction WordPress

Step 3- You will see the main page after clicking under construction.

Under Construction WordPress

As you can see in the image above we have highlighted the ON/OFF option. if you click over “ ON ” it shows green it means your website is finally on under construction mode and people can view under construction option.

If you click off your website again will be visible to all users. How it actually looks like if you click ON.


as you can see in the above image After clicking the “On” button your website will look like this. and here we can have two lines ” Sorry we are doing some work on the site ” and the second one below. You can add your custom message here, how you can do this its simple.

Step 4-  Click on the content option there you will get the customization option. Shown below


Click the content option and scroll down.

add custom message

Here you can change the custom text which will appear on the front page. whatever the message you write here people will preview there.

Final Step- You can change the page layout and make it custom as well although some templates are premium you will have many free templates options as well.


Click > design> change the template if you wish to change.

You are done with it.

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