How to remove safe finder redirect virus from your browser

If you are an internet user and you have your own desktop laptop or pc then one day you are going to affected by this virus this is called a safe finder Redirect Virus. How to remove a safe finder redirect virus from your browser or computer.

This is basically a Browser virus when you have got this virus your browser will automatically open unnecessary tabs and you need to close these tabs again and again and eventually you ended up on frustrating, anger, lost data and finally installed a new window, that’s the last option to get rid of this virus.
Lastly, You won’t have any control on your browser and you won’t be able to change your browser to default. Safe Finder is a search engine browser. Some times it added a toolbar of sometimes it changes your default browser to a safe finder browser.

In this article, I will show you How to remove safe finder redirect virus from your browser permanently.


There are so many so-called solutions for this deadly issue, Go to google and type-safe finder search virus you will get thousand of solutions to get rid of this but in reality nothing gonna work at all.

Finally you ended up installing a new window.

Don’t worry I’m not going to give you this idea if you are finally on, I myself was a victim of this, so I have the right solution which is really gonna work for you because it worked for me too and I have found it myself.

Lets quickly move on to the solution but before moving further I’m gonna show you how this virus looks like. Look at the image below.

safe finder redirect virus

Look at the image above I haven’t opened these tabs, these tabs automatically opened in regular intervals.

Let’s move on to the solution open your window drive, where ever it is either in C drive or D drive.

safe finder redirect virus

In my case, my window is in C drive, click on the C drive.

safe finder redirect virus

Click on the program files. This folder includes all your running software files. If you found any extra folder or file then remove that. Let’s open the program file.

safe finder redirect virus

Look at the image above I have found some suspected folder which have virus files. Move these folders from program files to desktop for deleting.

unnecessary files

Click one by one and delete these folders.

safe finder removal

I’m unable to delete these folders because these files are running in the background. What to do now??

Don’t worry if you are using windows then go to > Default programs > Program file and features > Uninstall > Safe Finder Software. If you don’t find any software there then open your task manager.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete > This will open your task manager Where all the system processes will be running.

task manager end processess

Look at the image from the left side. Look there are many programs running in the task manager Click to the unnecessary program and don’t close or end processes here, many people do this mistake they temporarily close these running programs from here but later these folders or files start running automatically.

What we have to do here we have to hover over the program and Right-click > Open this file location. Now look at the image from the right side this option will tell us where this file is located find out the file and delete it.

Delete files one by one and get rid of this issue and you won’t need to install a new window after doing these things.

This was the ultimate solution to this Deadly virus. I hope you enjoy this article.

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