How to solve Error connection time out WordPress Problem

Are you running any Website on WordPress? You might be that’s why you are here. WordPress CMS is very smooth enough. However, it gets stuck sometimes and your website starts taking too much time to load and at the of the session you got an error like this ” Error connection time out WordPress

It simply means that your web server is not responding and your site is expecting much more than the server can do.

we will tell you how to get rid of this problem to get your website to respond normally. Keep reading


You can simply solve this issue in 3 easy steps.

1- Increase PHP memory limit

2- Deactivate All plugins

3- Change the theme

Let’s start discussing the first one.

Increase PHP memory limit

Error connection timed out mostly occurs due to server issues. if you tired of doing multiple things but the problem still exist, then you must check your PHP memory limit maybe it’s running out and you reach the maximum limit. The only solution is to increase the memory limit, To fix this open the file via “FTP” and the file name is  wp-config.php you just have to add the line your limit will be increased. ” define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’) add this line.

After doing this your memory will be increased and you can increase up to 125mb if you are up to only incase if your service provider allowing you to do this, If you unable to increase the memory by doing or adding this line then contact to the service provider to do this for you.

Change the theme

You can also try to fix this error by changing the theme to default. Sometimes themes files are incompatible with your site that’s why this timed out error occurred. you can simply uninstall the theme and try with the default one and see has your problem solved or not.

Deactivate All plugins

Sometimes too many unnecessary plugins can also cause this. The plugin should be compatible with your website version.
if you think this can cause by plugins then uninstall plugins one by one and notice is this idea really working for you or not.
why we are doing this because if the plugin is a culprit then uninstalling is a good idea you can get the faulty plugin.

Final Step : 

If none of the above ideas working then contact your service provider to solve this issue for you.

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